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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spies 'R Us - Snooping Councils

Big Brother
As you are doubtless aware Nanny is drawing up plans to upwardly revise her much loathed council tax charges, by increasing the valuations of properties and the tax charges thereon.

In order to up the value of the properties, aside from taking into account house price increases etc, Nanny intends to delve more deeply into the actually property itself wrt eg; extensions, size of gardens, swimming pools, views (yes, really, views!), en suite bathrooms etc etc.

She could of course send her inspectors around to every house in the land, and demand entry for a full top to tail inspection. However this would be a tad problematic:

1 It would be very expensive

2 It would take an inordinate amount of time

3 Most people, with any brains, would tell the inspectors to Fark Orf (even if they had been granted a statutory right of entry).

Therefore Nanny is going to use another method; she will spy on us.

Her council tax inspectors have been given a "snoopers handbook" which will enable them to detect even the most discreet of home improvements.

The manual trains Nanny's Tax Snoopers (NTS) to follow up leads from "informants" by photographing properties, examining estate agents' details and room-by-room inspections.

Nanny, as you can see, is up to her nasty old trick of using people to spy and inform on each other.

Sadly there are sick, twisted individuals with nothing better to do in their lives who will happily trot along to Nanny's spy headquarters (ie the local council) and dump on their friends and neighbours.

Once the details have been amassed, Nanny will create a database (oh how she loves these databases - such a pity that none of them will ever work!) of all the 23million homes in England. She will then assign each one of them a one of 100 "dwelling house codes", which will be used as the basis for council tax revaluations.

I dare say that I am one of the few people in the country who actually believes that the poll tax was the best method for raising local revenue to cover the cost of local services.

- It was charged on a per adult basis (subject to various rebates),

- It focused everyone's attention on the true cost of local services home,

- It made people realise that their never ceasing demands for "better" services had consequences (ie a cost that they had to pay for), and

- It was extremely difficult to evade.

I guess that's why it was so unpopular!

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  1. Tonk.9:58 AM

    Nanny's plan is to divide and rule......We must resist community spies and do everything we can to make them look silly in Nanny's eyes....A kind of distribution of mis-information to these grasses to report back.

    Ken, you are not the only one that thought the Poll Tax was the best way to collect local tax however, when it was sold to the population, it was suggested that everyone, no matter where they lived, would pay the same amount....This sadly did not happen and there were massive differences between areas....Labour councils effectively sabotaged the tax by ripping off the people that elected them.

    I object to the way the council tax is currently implemented; Because Wokingham is seen by Nanny as a well off area, we have to pay eighty percent of the money needed for local government, including the things that Nanny dictates we must do whereas, many Labour areas, which are deemed to be poorer, only pay twenty percent of their needs with central government making up the difference...Thus, in general terms, we in the Conservative areas have to subsidise Labour areas.....Every year something extra appears to be added to the tax and every year a huge glossy book comes through the door, first class of course, telling me how well Nanny is spending my money.

    Incidently, if I address any letter relating to council tax to the rip off department at my local council offices, it always arrive in the right department;-)

  2. Well I dont like the council tax or the poll tax.
    With all other taxes you must have to earn some cash before you pay a percentage in tax.
    Houses do not generate disposable income year on year, no matter what their value. Neither do cars (road tax) for that matter.

    The fact is, without vast public spending and wastefullness, 10 percent of everyones wage (and nothing else) would be more than enough money to simply administer the country. And it would be fair.

    Vote Bucko!

  3. Interesting point about poll tax. I do not personally have any view on thr matter. I do think that Council Tax is just a version of the old Rates. The Tory Govt of the time couldn't really call it Rates again as they would be losing face in defeat.

    A small aside. I wish smokers had done the same as Poll Tax objectors did!!

    Another point. I lived in a Housing Association flat for a few years, and the Water Rates were extortionate, higher than a 3 bed detached house in the same area! I appealed and was told they were based on the old Rates. Yes, that's it. Based on pre Council Tax rates even though it was 2004!!