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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Nation of Paedophiles - Nanny's New Poll Tax

What The Fuck!
As we all know, in Nanny's sick twisted little mind all adults are paedophiles until they prove otherwise.

To this end ZaNuLabour have decreed that all adults who have regular contact with children will have to submit to Nanny's vetting and barring scheme, due to be introduced next month.

Oh, by the way, apart from volunteers all registrants will have to pay £64 (a novel new poll tax).

Now my loyal readers, who exactly falls into the group that has "regular contact with children"?

Anybody who, for instance, drives groups of children to Scouts, Brownies or after-school sports clubs (ie parents).

Failure to undergo a criminal records check will incur a fine of £5K.

How many people does this cover?

11 million!

That would give Nanny a potential revenue stream of £700M.

Ker farking ching!

To add insult to injury, Nanny's paedophile database of 11 million innocent people will contain complaints and concerns registered by colleagues or members of the public (even if they don't lead to a prosecution).

In other words it will act as a repository for every piece of tittle tattle and gossip spread by malicious SOBs with nothing better to do, or with a chip on their shoulder.

This repository of venom and gossip will of course be available for viewing by any employer, or voluntary group, with which the person might work.

The Home Orifice will consider and record all information received, regardless of the source.

Read the above again a few times, so that you get the point.

Nanny has created a Gestapo style database. She has turned us into a poor man's version of Nazi Germany.

This of course won't have any real effect in stopping those who are paedophiles (despite Nanny's fantasy, there are not millions of them in the UK) doing what they want to do. All they have to do is get a certificate to prove they have have no criminal prosecution, and voila they have proof in writing from Nanny that they aren't a paedophile.

As to what message this sends to kids about adults, well it's obvious isn't it?

All adults are paedophiles unless they can prove otherwise.

Don't trust adults

It is hardly surprising that the young feel alienated and afraid, and that they have few adult role models in their lives!

In the middle ages the state egged on the population to burn witches, now they egg on the population to "burn" adults.

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  1. Sadly this is the direction the state has taken. The problem is that people go along with it. I was reading through comments on this story on another blog site and was amazed by how many yes sheep basically said that if you opposed this database you are in favour of allowing kids to be abused.....They also used the "If you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear" mantra.....I have nothing to hide but am sick of having to prove it!!
    Your main point though Ken is true.....Nanny assumes every adult is a peadophile unless or until they PROVE otherwise. This goes completely against one of our main pillars of our justice system; Innocent UNTIL proven guilty.....It seems Nanny Labour just rides roughshod over so many areas of our constitution for her own purposes. These data bases are just modern versions of the USSR's little red book. Every detail of soviet citizens were recorded in these books and Nanny is heading towards the same thing but in a modern computerised format. The new first contact database is the first building block of that and linking every government database together will complete Nanny's project.
    The problem is this; when a new government comes into being, they will find it hard to resist keeping all that data; afterall, knowledge equals power.

    Adults will stop helping out at clubs and societies that are geared towards children, that is likely why the scouts, the guides and the boy's brigade are finding it hard to recruit adult leaders.
    Many clubs and societies have already closed membership to under eighteens because of the red tape involved....Clubs such as model railway clubs, coin clubs, badminto clubs are the types of clubs that keep kids off the streets, this crazy witchunt against adults will do more to close down lesiure facilities for kids than it will protect them.

  2. Ken wrote:

    "All adults are paedophiles unless they can prove otherwise.

    Don't trust adults."

    Which sounds about right.

    Conversely it allows me to believe that:

    "All children are self centred monsters unless they can prove otherwise.

    Don't trust children."

    I think Aldous Huxley had a germ of a good idea in Brave New World with the human reproduction bottle factory, decanting and an all or nothing State control of the child's upbringing.

    Yes it goes against human freedoms (though some may disagree with that statement ...) but at least it was a clear 'All-or-Nothing' policy.

    Today we face something that, philosophically, seems to fit in the middle ground between family and state control. Neither fish nor fowl.

    Society, in the 'developed' world, seems to have lost the plot big time. I suspect we have to go through this pain for a few years before realisation dawns. By then it may be a bit late to recover to where we have been and who knows where it might lead next.

    One can understand why people living in an arid dust bowl like, for example, Afghanistan and similar might wish to migrate to the green and once pleasant land we call Britain. No doubt they will bring a new moral viewpoint with them and 'society' will change direction and its Laws once again.

  3. microdave12:20 PM

    My, am I glad that I don't have any children.

    How the rest of you manage when confronted with this sort of crap beats me.

  4. Even noticed that when this hit the BBC, the reporter quipped that 'If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about'.

    Well I'm sorry, but I agree with Tonk - if I've got nothing to hide, I certainly shouldn't have to PAY A FEE to prove this!

    Yet another step towards 1984. People that can't see we're heading inexorably toward a totalitarian state really need to WAKE THE F*CK UP.

  5. And aside from the odious ideology attached to this, is there any possibility whatsoever that the government can adequately implement *another* massive database of people's information?

  6. Lord of Atlantis1:37 PM

    So,let me just see that I have got this right, not only are they snooping into our private lives, but we have to pay £64:00 for the privilege? All this will do is deter people, GOOD people, from volunteering, so activities and clubs for children will be forced to close down. Result:- more children hanging around on street corners and getting involved in anti-social behaviour and crime. It also fails to take into account that the vast majority of paedophiles are not strangers, but well-known to their victims, freqently family members, who won't be affected one jot by this fascist legislation. As for the claim, "If you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear", try telling that to the Guildford Four, the Birmingham Six, or the many other innocent people convicted of crimes they have not committed. In any case, as Tonk points out, why the hell should innocent people not only be forced to prove their innocence, but pay to do so? I fear that the concept of "innocent, until proven guilty" has been destroyed by our politicians, for our own good, of course, and the excuse for doing so is to combat terrorism and paedophilia.

  7. As I've recently seen mentioned:
    "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation."
    Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

  8. wonderfulforhisage5:35 PM

    Tom 12:28 wrote:

    "Yet another step towards 1984."

    I first read 1984 in the mid fifties and only vaguely remembered the plot until I re-read it a month ago for our book club. Orwell wrote it as a warning and much of what he predicted has come to pass. As Tom points out, this new database system is almost straight from the pages of Orwell's masterpiece of prophecy.

    We are little by little approaching a 1984 society, and the pace is accelerating.

    And when you hear "If you've got nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear" the answer is "Boxxxxks, I have 1984 to fear and that is worse than pretty well anything man can imagine."

    I used to be a healthy weight and over the years I lived by the maxim "Just one Mars bar won't matter", and one lead to another and then another, and then another. Now I am morbidly obese and I wish I'd heeded my own warnings. I'm lucky because with obesity it's never too late to do something about it. By the time one gets to 1984 however, it's impossible to recover - as Winston Smith discovered in the last chapter of the book.

    If you don't believe me read or re-read the book.

  9. moregreyhair6:18 PM

    The state is sending out a message and trying to create a belief I find very sinnister. "Trust no-one but the state", you can see this through almost every initiative introduced. However, they are determined to condition us to accept that when it comes to your children - give them to us. We're coming for you and we'll use your children to achieve it. Isn't that child abuse?

  10. The paedophile paranoia is very sinister. The way this topic has been assiduously blown up during recent years by the "child protection" industry resembles the witch hunts which lasted from the Reformation into the 17th century.

    If we continue along this road, we shall soon have a generation of kids and teenagers who are entirely out of control because adults are afraid to reprimand them, or even to approach them.

    I have been personally affected by this hysteria in a very personal way. In the 1960s and 1970s I was director of a counselling agency - the Albany Trust - which was pilloried by Mary Whitehouse and her Festival of Light allies for offering professional counselling to self-professed paedophiles who had approached us seeking advice. We were accused - quite falsely - of "promoting paedophilia" with our tiny grant of public money. This led to one of the most stressful public battles of my career. Since then, the situation has got much worse with all the hysteria generated around 'satanic child abuse' and other largely imaginary horrors. Of course children must be protected from actual abuse, both physical and emotional. But this blanket stigmatising of millions of well-intentioned and harmless adults as potential risks to children is not the way to do it.

  11. Anonymous11:37 AM

    the adult population should suspend helping our children until this marksism is dropped.

    yes blair and brown have early released 4000 pedos onto uk streets.a tragic figure.

    why should strikes be just the preserve of the people we fund in zaunlabours client state.

    this country is becomming a bannana republic

  12. they have said on TV that there is a line between "carpooling parents" and "officially team organised carpool". The first group don't have to be checked but the second does.

    Either way its bloody stupid.

  13. "Nanny has created a Gestapo style database. She has turned us into a poor man's version of Nazi Germany."

    More like the Stasi really, with the mass reliance on anonymous tipoffs from neighbours and other nosy bastards.

  14. What do you guys mean: 'another step towards 1984??

    We're WAY beyond 1984 now. The only difference is that we have extra-added Celebrity Big Brother, alcopops, iPods, wall-to-wall encouragement of narcissistic glitz to distract us from the horrendous reality. Orwell didn't get those bits right. Our 1984 engineers have been a tad smarter in the scenery creation dept.

    ...and meanwhile, the local convicted paedophile and his wife sit at home all comfy and cosy at our expense just down the road here.

    They are a) clearly better off than many (especially those kids, women and their families whose lives they've devastated) and b) very secure in the knowledge that Mr Plod's hand won't be feeling their collars because Mr Plod has a very politically korrekt statutory Duty of Care to the Offender and has to watch his step extraordinarily carefully.

    Interesting though that the many grandchildren are never allowed to visit their grandparents who are so 'interested' in kiddies and rather 'fond' of assaulting lone women ...

    In fact it would be illuminating to discover how many more denizens of Westminster have 'loving' and 'fond' interests...