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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

You Know When You've Been ASBO'd

I see Nanny has introduced yet another variant on ASBOs, her preferred method of "punishing" knobheads and assorted twatery (or is it twattery?), Drinking Banning Orders (DBOs).

These so called "booze ASBOs" in theory are meant to prevent a persistent drunken twat head offender from visiting a pub, club, off licence, ban them from certain parts of a town and from drinking alcohol in public.

Police and local authorities can apply to a magistrate for a DBO if an individual, aged 16 or over, is regularly committing crime or anti-social behaviour while under the influence of alcohol.

All very well, but how exactly is the owner of a pub meant to know if his customer has a DBO or not.

Completely unenforceable in its current form.

I suggest that Nanny follows the recommendation that I made in August 2007 wrt drunken yobbery:

Drunken yobbery can be resolved by a session in the stocks, and by the tattooing (for say a month) on the foreheads of the yobs the following phrase:

"I am a drunken yob"

Any shop or pub found serving people with said tattoo on their heads, would immediately lose their licence.

This is the way to handle the yobs!

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  1. I have worked in pubs for many years and there is already a much more effective solution in place in most towns.
    Its called the pubwatch scheme (Or varient thereof)
    As part of the scheme, local pub landlords can collectively decide they no longer want to allow a certain knobhead in thier pubs. Once decided, the local licencing officer pays them a visit and serves them with a ban from ALL town centre pubs - usually 3 months to 2 years.
    If the twat goes in a town centre pub, the staff simply phone the cops and a couple of bobbies come and remove them from the town.

    I rearely praise coppers but I have seen the scheme in action in many northern towns and it works a treat.
    Lnadlords and staff are given mugshots of the folk who are banned so they can identify them if they do not already know them.

    So there is no need for this new nonesense. Its simply more government postureing.

  2. We have had several days of Al jabeeba and Skyhindra ramming Nanny's anti alcohol message down our throats. Yesterday, the aforementioned broadcasters were banging on about our nation having the largest numbers of drunken children....Yes children, if they are under eighteen, they are minors and therefore children. The broadcasters suggested the way to stop this from happening was to return to shorter opening hours, raising the cost of booze and reducing the number of outlets selling the stuff.....Well excuse me Nanny but, isn't under eighteens drinking alcohol an offence already? What are you going to do if you follow your flawed logic to its conclusion, put up cars, petrol etc because some children steal cars and drive them around endangering themselves and others?

    Another example of Nanny wanting to punish everyone for the actions of the few that are in the wrong anyway.
    We need to enforce the existing laws and stop children from getting hold of alcohol in the first place, we need to put responsibility back onto the shoulders of the parents. We need to punish those that buy booze for under eighteens and those corner shops that sell it to them.

    Putting a DBO onto a child of sixteen is daft, they are already ignoring the law as they are too young to drink, so what chance of them complying with a DBO?

    Society has fell apart because the liberal left has engineered it to do so.
    Bring back traditional morals, traditional discipline, traditional education and traditional values and most of society's problems would disappear very quickly.

  3. Old Greeny5:26 PM

    I agree 100% Tonk...I would have thought that there are sufficient existing laws already to deal with this sort of stuff. What happened to "Drunk and Disorderly" and all those laws? Why not enforce those laws that already exist? Do the cops REALLY need MORE laws to do their jobs? How did we exist before ZANU Labour stuck another, what is it, 3000 NEW criminal offences on the statute book? Beats me...

  4. Tonk Said... "The broadcasters suggested the way to stop this from happening was to return to shorter opening hours, raising the cost of booze and reducing the number of outlets selling the stuff"

    How about we pick the blighters up by the scruff of their necks and chuck them in a bloody cell for a few days?

    Regulation does bugger all. All it will do is force youngsters to find somewhere else to drink or someway to steal/buy it from convience stores.

    Why should responsible adults suffer because they can't keep children under control?

    We spend so much time looking at how to regulate more strictly and spend very little time actually working out WHY we have drunk idiotic children. Perhaps one of these hard-hitting journalists should forgo their regular manicure to actually go and talk to them for more than 3 seconds and actually put some real research on the table about why this is and what we can actually do to sort it out.

    (Or some jobsworth can get off his ass and earn his government salary)

    All this bellyaching about it is more to give the government more reason to raise bloody taxes "for the good of the nation".