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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Relief of Lap Dancing

Lap DancingCongratulations to Harriet Harperson for yet again demonstrating to the world that she and her ilk in Nanny's government are nothing more than a grandstanding, publicity seeking opportunists with little regard for "facts".

Her latest foray into cynical opportunism (recently, when playing at being PM, she called for targets wrt rape trial convictions) comes with her call to end tax relief on corporate entertainment that takes place in lap dancing clubs.

Factoid: as I pointed out yesterday on, corporate entertainment is not tax deductible; neither is she chancellor as far as I am aware.

In other words, she was talking utter bollocks!

Nothing new there then.

It is a pity that the media allowed her airtime to self publicise in this manner, without first checking the facts.

Why didn't the media check the facts first, and challenge her?

Why was she given so much free airtime unchallenged?

It seems to me that we are neither well served by our "government", nor the media.

Why are my taxes paying this woman's salary?

Why are we buying newspapers that report this woman's drivel as though it were fact?

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  1. I knew this woman when she was Legal Officer of the NCCL (now 'Liberty') and I was on the executive committee. Patricia Hewitt - who always gives the impression that you should pay to speak to her - was General Secretary. We called it the 'Pattie asnd Hattie Show'.

    Harman was dim then, and is even dimmer now. I do hope she becomes leader of the Labour Party, as she will lose it millions of votes -male ones, anyway - and consign it to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

  2. I think anticant's wish for Harthing to become leader of NuLabia is spot on in its strategy.

    As for the MSM, who knows why they never seem to check anything they are handed? Could be laziness. Could be they don't care. Could be anything, even the potential that they are setting people up deliberately to fail later - but I doubt that they are clever enough for that.

    Maybe the gravy train has seeped all the way through the media.

    I have recently chatted with a number of people met rather randomly in the course of life and where the chat happened to touch on the state of the country not one of them had anything positive to say about the current way of things. Different backgrounds, different social positions and roles and expectations. But not one has been even neutral let alone positive.

    Which I thought was quite sad but rather interesting.

  3. I was a member of the Labour party in 1997, and remember getting an unhealthy dose of 'gloat' whilst watching Portillo close to tears when he lost his seat.
    I escaped the clutches of the Labour party several years ago. I am now storing up viles of 'gloat' for the election next year. I can't wait to see Labour being wiped out like the charge of the light brigade.

  4. the man from UNCLE12:13 PM

    Timbone, does not matter we will still have President Blair and Lady Mandy of the EU running the show from Brussels. Then watch Brown do a Kinnock and get on the EU gravy train.

    Of course, some idiots still believe we can 'reform' the EU - reform with scum like that running the show and that is just the scum from England!

  5. @the man from UNCLE that is why I am voting UKIP

  6. the man from UNCLE4:17 PM

    Timbone, me too.