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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bin Brother - The Wrong Shaped Rubbish

Bin Brother
I do wonder how it is that Nanny's hard pressed public sector has so much time on its hands, that it can stick its nose into the minutiae of people's lives.

Yet, despite the constraints of the cuts and decades of austerity that we are to endure (courtesy of Broon and his cronies), the binmen and acolytes of Coventry City Council have found the time and energy to poke into the contents of Margaret Tasker's bin.

What did they find I hear you ask?

A square shaped plastic ice cream tub!


Errmmm...apparently, yes it is a problem.

For why?

It is square shaped.


Seemingly the binmen of Coventry do not take square shaped plastic ice cream containers. They refused to empty Mrs Tasker's bin, the bin also contained "correctly shaped" rubbish.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Mrs Tasker was told by the council that had the ice cream tub been "bottle shaped" the binmen would have taken it!

Unsurprisingly, since this story became something of a hue and cry in the media, the council have realised that they look like morons and have backtracked.

The official "version of reality" from the bunker of Coventry council is that the binmen made a mistake (this of course conveniently ignores the fact that Mrs Tasker was told by a council employee, on the phone, that had the container been bottle shaped it would have been OK).

Seemingly staff will now be "retrained" to teach them which objects can be recycled.

How do you teach "commonsense" to people who clearly have none?

Councils are the enemy of the people!

Learn the above mantra for prep and repeat it, text it and Twatter it to everyone you know.

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  1. Give someone a high viz jacket and the power goes to their head....The councils are indeed the enemy of the people and those with the real power, those that like to be called officers and take leave rather than holiday, we cannot vote out.....Local councillors are, in effect, the modern day version of the whipping boy; if the council screw up, we whip the councillors by voting them out but, those that really made the decision, the officers(sic) remain in place to carry on anyway. This is a mini version of the EUSSR, with the elected MEPs playing the whipping boy and the unelected commisioners playing the role of the unelected and un-touchable officers(sic)

    The ONLY way to get any form of sensible action is to shine the light of publicity onto these bottom dwellers; that is the one thing they hate more than they hate the public.

    Just bloody laugh at Hi-Viz!!!!

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Herefordshire Council's ICT Enterprise Architecture Manager and Information Security Monitoring Officer - what's the job???

    They're all fucking morons. Read story about a London hairdresser who's been fined for putting hair in the wrong colour binbag

  3. "The council have realised that they look like morons"

    There are 2 words in that quote which should be replaced with one.

    "The council have realised that they are morons"

    There, that's much better!

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