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Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Dangers of Strangers


I am gemused to read about how the Upwell Community Primary School in Norfolk has delivered a rather neat lesson in "consequences" (Nanny has taught us not to worry about consequences) to a small group of parents who boycotted a recent children's art event. This caused some distress to children and teachers, as the parents boycott also included removing their kids from school for the day.

Why did this group boycott the event?

The event was open to members of the public, and the parents were worried about their kids interacting with the "public".

Won't someone think of the children???!!

Quite what these parents thought would happen to their kids, given that teachers and parents would be at the public event I don't know?

Anyhoo, the headmaster James McBurney is concerned the same thing would happen on its sports day. Quite rightly he has decided to treat the recalcitrant parents in the same way as one would treat a recalcitrant child, namely he will withdraw a specific privilege.

In this case he has decided, unless the boycott group of parents act like adults, to ban all parents from the forthcoming sports' day. This will ensure that no claim of "mixing with strangers" can be made by the boycott group.

I think Mr McBurney is quite right to do this, he has highlighted very clearly how Nanny's obsessions have ruined people's lives by making them paranoid and fearful.

Needless to say, some sections of the shouty curtain twitching tabloids have completely/deliberately misinterpreted this story!

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  1. Mjolinir11:13 AM

    Let's see if I have this right - if these parents 'boycott' the sports day - the Head won't allow them to attend?

    And to 'punish' all the other parents (the 'not-guilty'), by not letting them attend either.

    All that is needed now is allegations that anyone from this latter group who pleads to be allowed in (and see the kids in their running kit)- is a paedophile.

  2. The boycott would include keeping their kids away too. Therefore in order to ensure at least the kids all participate, the parents will be excluded.

  3. I see that Euro Nanny wants married mothers in Germany and a couple of other European countries to stop looking after their children and get to work. Nanny feels that only the state can raise children and thus promotes the notion that all adults are a risk to children.
    Children within our country have become a kind of commodity, like gold, that Nanny feels she has to collect and lock away from the rest of society. I wonder what will happen when these kids become adults and don't know how to interact with other adults.

    Nanny is doing a great job of messing with children's minds to make them fearful of adults and she is doing a great job of making silly and gullible parents paranoid about every other adult member of society.....Divide and rule, in my opinion.

    How long will it be before people need a license to breed and once they've bred, just hand the fruits of their breeding over to Nanny for safe keeping and indoctrination. Nanny already has an army of health visitors that come and poke their noses in to people's homes and brainwash them into Nanny's state approved methods.