Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I see that some 19 year old, Ryan Cleary, claims to have stolen the entire 2011 UK census (data allegedly held safe by US defence contractor Lockheed Martin).

Needless to say there are now claims and counterclaims across the media and internet as to the veracity of Cleary's boasts.

Cleary is apparently now "assisting police with their enquiries".

All I can say is FFS!

Whatever the truth or otherwise of the statements issued by a 19 year old living with his mum, the furore over the possible hack does rather highlight how much data Nanny and her chums hold about us on computers and how much reliance the state places on the "security" of these systems.

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  1. Anything created by mankind can be copied or abused by others.....Did anyone in their wildest dreams believe for one minute that Nanny and her chums would take care of the data?.....Why were we sharing this data with the EUSSR?....Why were we using a foreign company to process the data outside of our own country, especially given that under the American Patriots Act, a federal organisation, sucg as the FBI or CIA can compel any American company to provide them with any data they hold?....My biggest fear was that Nanny might sell the data she collected under pain of prosecution in much the same way she sells data that the people must supply to the DVLA.

  2. Mjolinir11:47 AM

    Wish I could remember who said -

    "I have been accused of acting in a way that might embarrass the Minister. Considering the embarrassment he is capable of achieving un-aided, I see no point in bothering."