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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Dangers of Football

Septic Bladder
Football, as Septic Bladder and various superinjunction wielding players know, can be ruinous wrt one's personal reputation.

Sadly, Tom Clarke (15) recently found this out as well.

Tom was recently having a kickabout with his cousin in his garden in Chalgrove.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yes, that's right, the ball went through a neighbour's greenhouse.

Being a teenager, Tom legged it.

Now at this stage, were people behaving in a reasonably "human" way one would have assumed that at some stage an angry neighbour would have appeared at the front door demanding an apology and restitution etc.

This of course is Nanny Britain and therefore, for reasons that are not clear (it could be that there is ongoing friction between the neighbours), the neighbour reported it to the police.

One therefore might assume that a friendly copper would have turned up and "had a word", thus defusing the situation., not quite!

Can you guess what happened next?

Yes, that's right, a police patrol car, two officers and the Thames Valley police helicopter (complete with thermal imaging cameras) were dispatched.

Unsurprisingly, with all these resources, officers did manage to track Tom down.

What did they then do?

Tick him off, have a word with his dad?

No, they told Tom that the incident had been recorded as criminal damage and could be revealed to future employers carrying out record checks.

Errmm, am I being terribly soft here, is this not an overreaction to a simple accident?

It never happened like this when Dennis The Menace trashed his neighbour's greenhouse!

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  1. Dennis the Menace used to get a slippering, but that's 'child abuse' now.

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Suggest Tom takes up a career as a serious criminal as then he's unlikely to be caught and his 'criminal' record will hel-p rather than hinder his progress. Clearly modern day police much prefer the pursuit of basically law abiding individuals because there is no elf'n'safety risk.

  3. More DNA and fingerprints on the database and another "Crime solved" box ticked.

    I suspect that Plod "offered" the lad and his father, the opportunity to receivce a caution and not to have to bother to go to court etc etc.....Many people with no experience of dealing with plod will readily accept such an offer, however in this case, they should have declined because, in most cases and criminal damage is such a case, there must be an actus reus and a mens rea for the offence to have been convicted; in the case of criminal damage, the guilty act (actus rea) is causing the damage and this clearly took place because the window was broken however, there was no guilty mind (mens rea) because the kid did not mean to cause the damage; ie it was never his intention to smash the window.
    In my opinion, in such cases, the police are using this ignorance to fiddle the figures, in other words, they are trying to make the figures look better but, the additional DNA and fingerprints on the database is their Brucie Bonus.

    I feel far to many of our "politicians in uniform" watch too many American police shows which show hundreds of police cars, umpteen helicopters, multiple SWAT teams, CSIs and the FBI chasing the hapless Jay walker down the street.

    Mind you, I can understand why so many police were dispatched to this incident....It gives the police experience of chasing criminals(sic) without the likelyhood of them coming to any harm....I suspect that modern police officers(thugs in uniform) get few opportunities to go after criminals, because it is too dangerous with all the 'elf'n'safety diktats in place from the senior officers.(politicians in uniforms)

    I wonder how much this incident cost us taxpayers and whether it represents value for money; I somehow doubt it.

  4. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Why do the police want us to hate them?

  5. lORD OF aTLANTIS10:30 AM

    I couldn't believe it, when I read about this in the paper. Kids have been accidentally kicking footballs and slogging cricket balls through windows since time immemorial and, as stated, such issues would have been settled quickly without any of the ott action as occurred in this case. It's a pity that the police aren't so meticulous when dealing with real criminals, although the latter are less likely to co-operate than the law abiding. Justice in this country STINKS!

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Came across this recently
    Make of it what you will:

    Last year the Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council was paid a total of £226,700.

    That was:

    £100,718 more than the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court

    £152,949 more than the President of Russia

    £69,598 more than the Secretary General of the United Nations

    £34,885 more than the Chancellor of Germany

    £102,969 more than the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

    £202,248 more than the President of India

    Setting expenses aside the Chief Exec’s salary translates into $366,000. The salary of the President of the USA is $400,000.

    So Mr Bull last year earned only 10% less than the Leader of the Free World.

    All paid for out of Herefordshire council tax.

  7. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells8:35 PM

    Anonymous said...

    "Why do the police want us to hate them?"

    Because they've realised they are no longer public servants but instead the State's shocktroops. Putting it bluntly, they really don't give a shit whether we like them or not.

  8. Try potentially 8 yrs for graduation prank. :

    Tyell Morton, an 18-year-old student at Rushville High School in Indiana faces up to 8 years in prison after he placed a blow up doll in the girl's restroom as a senior prank.

    Morton was arrested after school security cameras recorded a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt entering the building with suspicious package and then leaving without it.

    The school evacuated the entire bldg and called in the Indiana State Police Bomb Squad.

    The package turned out to be a blow up doll that had been placed in the girl's restroom as a senior prank.

    Police didn't see it that way and arrested Morton on felony charges.
    ...if he had brought a gun to school, he would only be facing a class D felony which allows for up to three years in jail.

    ... our countries are officially insane