Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Dangers of Sooty

I see that Nanny has failed in her duty re warning us about the dangers of pizzas being thrown by Sooty.


Yes, just ask Paul Daniels who was filming a scene for The Sooty Show.

It seems that Sooty threw a pizza at Daniels so hard (as part of the show), that Daniels suffered a black eye and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.


Why did Nanny not stop this blatant disregard of health and safety rules?

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  1. Is that a wig or a stuffed crust Margharita with double cheese?

  2. A black eye from a Pizza???

    What was the filling/topping - crushed gravel?

    Has Daniels claimed compensayshun?

  3. Lord of Atlantis2:51 PM

    "Why did Nanny not stop this blatant disregard of health and safety rules?"

    For goodness sake, these elf'n'safety jobsworths, are perfectly capable of making our lives unbearable, without any encouragement, Ken! They are quite likely to act on your suggestion!

  4. Tonk.3:20 PM

    PD goes into a sauna and sits down on one of the benches.
    A stranger in the sauna looks at PD and says;
    "You're that famous magician aren't you?"
    "Yes I am." Replied PD.
    "Do a trick for me." Said the stranger.
    "Oh come on, I'm nude and sat in a saunda, I have nothing with me."Replied PD.
    The stranger said;
    You're a great magician, surely you can do something for me."
    "Well OK, come and sit on my lap." Said the magician.
    So the stranger got up, crossed the sauna and sat on PD's lap.
    "Can you feel my thumb up your arse?" Asked PD
    "Yes!!" Replied the stranger.
    PD moved both his hands in front of the stranger's face, did a double thumbs up and said;
    "Now that's magic!!"

  5. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Be honest, these puppets have form! Remember when Rod Hull fell to his death? That Emu has been very quiet since...

  6. Anonymous8:37 PM

    You are remembering that Danials is a complete cunt, so even nanny can't be bothered with him.
    There are certain levels that even she won't go to.