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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, August 06, 2011

The End of The Euro Experiment

Those of you worried about the prospects of European financial and political hegemony (ie a Euro sized version of Nanny) should take comfort in the fact that the Euro experiment, in its present form, will fail.


Here's why..Why EU Finances Are In Such A Mess

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1 comment:

  1. Dr. Brian Oblivion7:54 PM

    The zone that weathers unbearable adversity together will have shown the world that Europe has become inseparable. No longer will Euro sims cruelly exploit the divisive differences between themselves, instead they like the Americans who were forged in the melting pot will be reduced to consumers fascinated with every variety of shiny trinket in their new market of opportunity and abundance, obsessed only with their individual vanities and in constant competition with each other as they race for the bottom, leaving rulers free to do the important business of state without interference.

    Utopia is here. Have you got enough euros [TM]?

    Personally I think the people of Europe would be better off without the modern enclosure movement that the EU imposes. And things may appear to be going the public's way.

    Over in America Obama represented Hope to quite a number of people in the United States and he happily gave away everything he could. He can't get the rest of the gains that the long dead radical labor movement sacrificed their lives for, Medicare and Social Security are most assuredly on the table over here.

    A politician with crowd appeal and no strong beliefs is ideal for financial backers and is the product that only the market can provide. At least during elections when it's time to give consent.

    Don't let false hope or a magical unity pony fool you into resignation if the EU is not what you bargained for.

    America is in a dilly of a pickle. We've been had.