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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prats of The Week - Sainsburys

Ooh err missus, tis time for another Prats of The Week Award!

This week it goes to our old chums at Sainsbury's, for yet again proving that Nanny has managed to remove any shreds of commonsense from a large section of the population.

Kirsty Breeze, 19, and Ian Jackson, 24, were in their local Sainsbury's in Stoke-on-Trent recently and wanted to buy a video for their son Leo who is 2.

The assistant at the shop refused to sell the video to them, unless they could prove they were over 25.


Was this a video nasty?


Was this a sex romp?


The video was of "Fireman Sam" (U certificate suitable for all ages).

After much kerfuffle, the hapless couple had to ask Miss Breeze's mum (who is 42) to buy the video on their behalf.

Now those of you with commonsense will no doubt be asking the following:

1 The video was for OK for children, why did Sainsbury's not sell it to the couple without the fuss?

2 Given that both of the couple were over the legal age of consent (for booze, sex etc) why does Sainsbury's insist on a 25 year age bar on "adult" products?

3 The video was obviously mismarked on the computer system as being "age restricted", why didn't the staff at Sainsbury's simply override the system?

The answer to all of the above is simple, Nanny has removed commonsense from many people's mindsets, and Sainsbury's evidently are happy to employ people without commonsense.

Sainsbury's Stoke on Trent, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. David J Hilton11:39 AM

    Now this is REALLY taking the piss.

    Message is simple: BOYCOTT SAINSBURYS!

  2. Tonk.2:55 PM

    We are Borg; resistance is futile.

  3. This was bound to happen, Tesco (& presumably Sainsbury) demand that if you look younger than 25 you might have to prove that you are 18, or older, to buy R18 goods as part of the campaign to de-normalise tobacco and alcohol.

    David J Hilton has the answer but only if we tell them why.

  4. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Boycotting the supermarket is one answer, but there is another way…….

    In these days of identity theft it is unwise to meekly hand over your personal information to whoever is requesting it. For instance, if a police officer wanted to see your documents he would be obliged, if asked, you show you his identification (warrant card) first. Why should a shop assistant be any different?
    Ask to see the I.D. of whoever is requesting to see yours.

    Whilst on the subject of the police, the chances are that there is not one police officer in your local nick that is qualified to determine if a document is genuine. They have a forensic department for such things. Therefore it is reasonable to enquire what training the check-out person has had to enable them to recognise a genuine I.D. from a forgery.

    I would also suggest that if you obviously appear (to an intelligent person) to be of a legal age to buy restricted items, you should point out to these morons that if they are unable to make an obvious determination regarding your age, they would probably not be intelligent enough to recognise your passport from your shopping list.

    When somebody who has no training in such matters, who refuses to identify themselves, wants to see your personal documents for no good reason, I would refuse, and for the reasons above make a police complaint that I suspect there is organised identity theft occurring. A few dozen complaints (which they are obliged to investigate) might make these supermarkets rethink their policies.

    Of course, supermarkets must carry the blame for this ridiculous situation; but the general public are far too compliant in dealing with these uneducated, anonymous, minimum wage dullards.

  5. Many is the hot night I have had as I sit with my girlfriend and she fantasises about "Fireman Sam".
    She first got the firebug after seeing these hunky Piston Engines being mobbed after 9/11.
    As she could not travel to NY to get a real one, she resorted to the available films.
    Now we play games and she just loves it when I say "Hey, Chica, you are on fire and I am the man with the hose".
    Her Sprinkler System goes to full flow.

    I agree with Sainburys.
    "Fireman Sam" is on a parr with the Cerne Abbas Giant for inproving my sex life ((I can't really go into details).

  6. Number 68:01 AM

    You might like to know the the prats at Sainsburys now class Christmas crackers (can I say Christmas with offending some throwbacks to the stone age) as a prodct that cannot be sold to anyone under 25. The country has gone sodding mad.