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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nanny's New Five a Day

I am gemused to see that having ditched her derided "five a day" campaign for fruit and vegetable eating, Nanny has decided to launch a new "five a day" campaign.

This time it will be aimed at parents (not just those people who don't turn up to court when their brats are appearing for looting).

Nanny is to launch a TV, radio and printed media campaign to tell parents to play with, read, talk, praise, and feed their children every day. mean you have to feed kids???

In a nod to the commercial benefits (ie expect lots of toy companies backing this, in exchange for some taxpayers subsidy and free PR), companies that make toys, children’s books and baby food will be encouraged to brand their products with an official logo.

It seems that "research" has found that the quality of parenting and educational influences in the early years of a child’s life have an overwhelming influence on their later progress at school and careers.

Well DUH!

Don't tell me that someone was actually paid to come up with that statement of the bleedin' obvious?

Poorer parents will be “incentivised” to attend courses to help them complete the “five-a-day” essential actions. They will be rewarded for attending classes with higher child benefit payments or annual bonuses.

Doubtless with all this nonsense being spoken about "moral decay" (hasn't Cameron ever looked at Hogarth's prints?), this campaign will receive even more prominence.

However, as noted above, normal parents (poor/wealthy) know perfectly well that they should play with, read to, engage...oh, and FEED! their children; they don't need the state to interfere in that.

In fact the more that the state seeks to interfere, the more people assume that it is in fact the state's responsibility to bring up their kids.

However, the "court absent" parents and those who think it normal that their "good little boy" carried a hammer taped to his leg whilst robbing a store (ie those who need to improve their parenting skills) will not take the slightest bit of notice of Nanny's advice.

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  1. Agree Ken 100%.

    Sadly, this means another dose of Dot bloody Gov every ad break on the radio telling me how to live and what to do.
    I do wonder how the human race survived so long without Dot bloody Gov overseeing its every move.

  2. Too much praise is part of the problem and it affects all classes with too many Tobys and Chardonays going around thinking that they are better than they are only to be rudely awakened when faced with the outside world.

    Now and again my mum would begin a sentence with "You would not want me to lie to you" or "only your best friend could tell you this...".

    I knew it was the preface to being told that what I had done, or was doing, was rubbish.

  3. Howard10:26 PM

    Perhaps the Nannyment might encourage parents, during school holidays, to give their offspring a treat and take them on a train journey.

    Unfortunately for the kids, they might have to sell them into slavery first to afford the ticket...