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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nanny Bans Crates

My sympathies to the pupils of Wychwood Primary who, for the last 15 years, have managed to find innocent fun and entertainment (imaginary cars, boats houses etc) with milk crates donated to them by the local milkman.

Alas and alack, Dairy Crest (which now owns the milk company that once provided the crates) have now banned the use of these crates and have seized those (without telling the school) that were within the grounds of the school.

For why?

Health and Safety!

Two points here:

1 The crates were in fact the previous milk company's (ie they are not the property of Dairy Crest), are Dairy Crest therefore not guilty of theft then?

2 No child has ever been hurt playing with the crates.

Dairy Crest claim that there are health and safety regulations that are applicable.

Errrm..would they care to specify exactly what law applies in this case?

I will wager no such regulation exists!

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  1. I refer posters to the comment I made yesterday.....

    ""There appears to be a trait in so many of my fellow countrymen that makes them want to boss others around.....So often their diktats make no sense until you accept the only reason they put them in place, is because they can. Peak Cap syndrome.""

  2. Yup. There is a regulation. It's number 668925/a subsection xii. Milk Crates, children's play objects, restrictions on.

    It's a very thick book written by very thick people.

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    yes george

    I've read that tome too!

    Wasn't there also something about the size of the holes in the crates limiting the diffusion of CO2 into the atmosphere thereby being a problematic influence on the emination of global warming nee climate change...

  4. Tonk.1:55 PM

    I have just heard on the state broadcaster that the dairy company is going to provide some "specially designed" crates for the children to play with and apologised for the "misunderstanding" caused by one of their milkmen.....Isn't it great how the disinfecting affect of publicity stops so much of this jobsworth bullying under the coverall of 'elf'n'safety?

    Btw, I have just watched the news on the state's broadcaster and they showed pictures of archaeologists digging at stonehenge.....Bearing in mind they were in the middle of a huge fenced field surrounded by the stones that have stood for thousands of years with a total ban on all vehicles, why did they all have on hi-viz clothing?...Is it an odd fetish?

  5. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells2:42 PM


    "Is it an odd fetish?"

    Sadly, and compulsory for anyone who does any sort of a job that doesn't involve that other silly fetish: collar and tie. I work spare time in my spare room at home fixing old radios but don't wear any hi-viz. Perhaps I should?

    On topic, glad Dairy Crest did the right thing, although under duress.

  6. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Tonk: "Bearing in mind they were in the middle of a huge fenced field surrounded by the stones that have stood for thousands of years with a total ban on all vehicles, why did they all have on hi-viz clothing?"

    For the same reason that people digging a hole in the ground wear hard hats - in case the sky falls on them.

  7. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I remember about bread trays being reclaimed when the bakery found out. Strictly speaking they DO belong to the bakery (or dairy in this case). Best keep quiet about the barn load at my local Scout Campsite...
    TTFN :)

  8. It won't be health'n'safety this time, more like "industrial waste, disposal of".

    Have you tried scrounging empty cardboard boxes from shops recently? They are not supposed to let you have them because of those same regulations.

    @Tonk, 'state broadcaster', I like that.