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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Riots

Sad to see that my birthplace (Croydon), where my mum lives, was hit by the rolling infestation of rioting scum yesterday (a.o. Reeves a family business of 140 years was burned to the ground).

An awful lot has been said by many pundits, "community experts", politicians etc about these ongoing riots. Some are claiming this is some form of release of anger about cuts, police treatment of coloured youths, deprivation etc etc.

Let's be clear, the above excuses are utter bollocks!

Looting and burning down neighbours' houses and shops has absolutely no connection to the above excuses. How does burning a neighbour's house down constitute "a response to the cuts"?

It doesn't, because it has nothing to do with the "cuts", as we all know perfectly well!

The mayhem of the last few days has been caused by criminal, feckless, opportunistic scum (c*nts, if your prefer the term) who have seized the opportunity to cause some trouble (to feed their egos) and to loot various "must have items" (tokens amongst the group that they belong to eg; trainers, watches, "bling" etc).

It is noteworthy that the riots have been co-ordinated by Blackberry wielding scum (clearly not as "deprived" as the excuse mongers would have us believe!).

There have been those who claim that these incidents were caused by people "outside of the community".

Again, utter bollocks!

As and when the scum are rounded up (and they will be over the coming days and weeks), it will be found that they are resident in the towns/boroughs and streets that they attacked.

Animals do not shit in their own bedding, yet these scum (apparently, mentally lower down the evolutionary scale than animals) seem quite content to shit in their own bedding.

As and when the flames die down (and they will eventually) the scum will realise that the short term "high" that they got from rioting and from stealing (trainers and other assorted trash - that seem to hold some "street value" to them) is fleeting indeed.

All that has been achieved is that they have made their "villages" (for that is what London is, a collection of villages) more unpleasant to live in (less facilities, less shops etc).

The fact that these scum have managed to get away with this gives rise to a number of conclusions/questions:

1 "Community leaders" (what exactly, in a democracy, is a "community leader"? Are they elected? Do they hold/wield power? I don't know any, do you? etc) have lost control (if they ever really had any) over the "youth" within their "community".

2 The families of the scum know full well that their offspring (ranging from 12-25 or so) are involved in this, yet they do nothing to stop them.

3 The UK has more CCTV per head of the population than any other country on the planet, yet the police appear to be surprised and taken unawares by the flare ups around the country. Why?

4 The scum are using Blackberries to organise themselves. Journalists from the Guardian claim that they managed to follow where the next riot was going to take place, why couldn't the police do likewise?

5 Abandoning the streets, and the safety of law abiding citizens, to the actions of the mob is not a police "tactic" that I have seen before, on such a large scale, in this country. Why have the law abiding citizens, who have lost businesses and homes, been abandoned by the police?

6 As and when the scum are tracked down and arrested it is sad to say, but unfortunately realistic, that the legal punishments that will be dished out by the courts will be laughed at by the scum. A more effective punishment needs to be derived.

As I have stated before on this site, the most effective form of punishment for scum like this is to deprive the scum and their families of the things that they value the most (mobile phones, pcs, TVs, ipods etc etc). The entire family should be locked up in their own homes every night and forced to confront each other with the reality of their lives/family relationships and the consequences of their actions on the lives of others.

Without the distractions of their "toys" (eg TVs etc), and with nowhere to go, the results will be dramatic.

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:23 AM

    One of the excuses used to delay the legalisation of CB back in the early '80s was that CBs could be used to organise criminal activity. Unfortunately the Home Secretary of the time, William Whitelaw, couldn't see that to use a form of communication regularly overheard by the world and his wife, for criminal activity would be somewhat pointless.

    Fast forward thirty years and what do we have now? Digital mobile phones whose signal can't be intercepted without highly specialised equipment, in the hands of some of the nastiest elements of society. In fact I'd suggest that much if not most mobile use is in the persuance of criminal activity - at least in my area. I've overheard such use myself. Why don't we regulate mobiles? Because there are huge profits involved for the mobile phone industry. Just look at the hordes of youngsters who are forever staring at the screen of a mobile, thumbs doing a St. Vitus dance over the keys, oblivious of their surroundings. Just look at how much of their pocket money (or parents' money) is going into the pockets of the mobile barons. Everybody I see is wielding a mobile, how would they have survived in my day when telephones only came in tall red boxes?

  2. The phones and networks can be monitored.

    The issue seems to be that they are not being monitored in an effective manner.

  3. Anonymous11:09 AM

    They can't be monitored effectively because the volume is too great.

    I'm sorry, but this has been coming for a long tiome. It's nothing to do with cuts, but nor is it 'criminal gangs' - its the result of a complete lack of social cohesiveness.

    That's been caused by years of blame avoidance at all levels of society, the nonsense of multiculturalsim, the abandonment of both the 'nuclear family and extended family life, the destruction of grammar schools which has left minimal opportunity for able poor kids. In short, many years of completely irresponsible government and at many other levels where so-called responsible people should be setting an example. Indeed, the very concept of 'responsibility' seems to have irretrievably vanished from most of our people at all levels.

  4. Ken,
    As I watched Croydon burn on Sky News last night, I hoped that your relatives and friends still living in Croydon, were not being hurt.

    I see that many of the left are blaming cuts etc for the out break of violence on our streets, as you say, this is bollocks.

    I question the quality of the parents letting their little darlings be out on the streets given the fact riots are taking place. I wonder what these parents say when their kids return home with all their expensive loot; had we had wide screen, giant TVs when I was a lad, I could imagine my parents, yes two parents, asking many questions as to how I had come by it had I suddenly appeared with one!

    Our police officers are too constrained by political correctness when dealing with certain groups within our society, they have to tackle these problems with one hand tied behind their backs. Lets put the senior officers(The Politicians in uniform) on the front line and see how they deal with these scum when confronted.

    Over the years, we have concentrated too much on rights without setting out the responsibilities that come with those rights.

    I listened to the Reeve Brothers on Sky last night that owned the furniture shop in Croydon, they were really heartbroken; it was stated that the fire service(sic) would not attend because they would not have the protection of the police; this stinks in my opinion.
    Some idiot stated that all these building and businesses were insured and so would not loose out; this is crass in the extreme.....Many insurance policies do not cover you for civil war, war or rioting; I suspect many already upset property owner will have a rude awakening when they go to claim on their insurances......Those that can claim will face enormous premiums next time they renew.
    The businesses will have to lay staff off atleast until the buildings are repaired and the locals will have to go further a field to buy you state Ken, even animals don't shit in their own beds!

    What worries me most is that we have second and third generations of people that have never known any discipline in their lives, we have hamstrung parents, the police and teachers and are now reaping the reward of such shortsighted policies. Too many people in our society have never been told no.

    Some of these troubles are very near to the Olympic facilities for next year; although I can't think of a bigger waste of time and money than us hosting the games just to feed the egos of the great and good, I do worry what image we send to the rest of the world regarding our society.
    I do like the Olympics, I just don't think we should have applied and paid to host them.

  5. "The entire family should be locked up in their own homes every night"

    Excellent idea, but of course one that will never happen - not until the "Uman Rites" legislation is scrapped, and the army of "No Win, No Fee" ambulance chasing solicitors is disbanded.

    "Lets put the senior officers on the front line and see how they deal with these scum when confronted."

    No chance of that either - they all pissed off on holiday just before it started. This despite plenty of intelligence, warning something was afoot.

  6. Disgusted:''Fast forward thirty years and what do we have now? Digital mobile phones whose signal can't be intercepted without highly specialised equipment, in the hands of some of the nastiest elements of society.''

    Agreed D of TW ... Mein Fuhrer has one. And she's worked out how to use it..... :o(