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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meat Free

Cat SarnieI was rather gemused to read recently of a protest organised by the binmen of Brighton.

Following the election of a the new Green party Council in May, some "bright spark" in the council had the "spiffing idea" (or should I say "spliffing", given that this is Brighton?) of introducing "meat free Mondays".

The council removed bacon butties, lamb chops et al from the council canteen menu on Mondays.

This action caused the binmen to stage a protest.

The result?

The council have caved in, and meat is now being served again on Mondays.

Quite right, why should the council infliuct its dietary fads on others

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  1. Mjolinir10:35 AM

    I'm surprised schools haven't adopted tjhis sily idea?

    After all, they have a captive clientele (Children banned from leaving the premises, and Nanny-checks to remove contraband from parent-provided lunch boxes.)

    Just need to ensure compliance [Box ticked] with the 'proportional and justifiable' use of a range of punishments for offenders who cause global warming by not eating their bean-burger, or persistently leaving a morsel of tofu on the plate.

  2. Surely bean burgers etc are hardly enviromentally friendly; think of the damage to the ozone layer from the release of gas!

    Well done to the bin men for not letting the green fascists boss them about however, this particular policy was on the local Green's election manifesto and people still voted for them. Unlike most political parties, The Brighton Greens did try to carry out the policies/promises contained in their manifesto, so hats of to that, even though many of their proposals were bonkers in my opinion.

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells3:06 PM

    Tonk. said...

    "Surely bean burgers etc are hardly enviromentally friendly; think of the damage to the ozone layer from the release of gas!"

    Well yes. Human farts, especially those of vegetarians, are just as full of methane as cow farts. While cow farts are bigger, there are a lot more of us! Methane has sevaral times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide which is why burning it to CO2 has a much lower contribution. I have read claims that methane can break down stratospheric ozone but I can't see the mechanism.

    Easy solution. During the war methane from fermenting hen shit was collected in gasbags carried on the roofs of vehicles and used as a fuel in place of heavily rationed petrol. All we need to do is stick a pipe up our bums connected via a non-return valve to a gasbag inside a backpack.

    Anyone consider supplying capital to fund a feasibility study?

  4. Tonk.5:08 PM


    I too had thought about this idea, except using gas from sheep in New Zealand however, the main sticking point would be the coupling system; I could not come up with a suitable design for a bayonet type quick release fitting and a doubt an interference fitting would be acceptable, especially for human gasometers.....Solve this problem of a coupling mechanism and you will be truly rich :-)

  5. Number 69:06 AM

    Brighton, green MP poufters on parade this weekend say no more squire. Trust you will be supporting the event Ken perhaps a fetching sequinned outfit topped by a recycling box hat would fit the bill.

  6. Anonymous8:59 PM

    No doubt the meat in question is Halal.
    Any chance non-Halal?
    Or is that totally out of the question?
    Or fish only on Friday?