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Monday, April 16, 2012

Health and Safety At Carshalton Ponds

I was hugely gemused to read about a wee touch of Nannyism at Carshalton Ponds last week. When I used to live in Croydon I would occasionally pop down there to "water myself" in one of the many fine pubs near the ponds, therefore I have a fond recollection of the place.

Anyhoo, it seems that there was something of a kerfuffle at the Ponds last week involving 25 firefighters.

What happened?

Did someone fall in the Ponds?


Was a car on fire?


It seems that a seagull had become stranded (thanks to a discarded plastic bag) in the Ponds!

Factoid: Carshalton Ponds are no more than 3 feet deep!

Despite having 25 firefighters on hand (5 crews no less!), they could not venture in to save the bird because of health and safety regulations.

Fortunately, for the seagull, help was on hand. Braving "certain death" (or more realistically, wet trousers) a member of staff from a nearby wildlife centre put on some waders, walked out to the stricken Herring Gull, and freed its foot from a plastic bag.

The 25 firefighters looked on, helplessly.

So why were the firefighters there then?

To rescue anyone who may have got into trouble rescuing the bird...ermm, wouldn't the risk of that happening have been reduced if the firefighters themselves had rescued the bird in the first place??

Pass the sickbag someone!
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  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    According to a fire brigade spokesman, 3 fire engines and 25 firemen were sent to this incident because they never quite know what to expect when an emergency call is made.

    This is a ridiculous way to operate and a total waste of time and money in most cases. I am sure that the fire service will soon be moaning about government cuts to their ‘essential’ service.

    How different their actions are to the fire fighters of New York, the REAL heroes who don’t stand around assessing risks instead of doing their jobs.

  2. Lordof Atlantis1:38 PM

    My grandfather used to be a fireman, many years ago, and he must be spinning in his grave at this nonsense! Years ago, if a fireman in such a situation had disobeyed orders and waded into the pond, he'd have been commended: in the brave, new world of the 21st century, he is more likely to receive the sack! If the fire service needs to make economies as a result of government cuts, start with the jerks who make such ridiculous rules, then perhaps firemen can actually do their jobs!

  3. Tonk.2:26 PM

    Could we do them under the trade's description act?......Are they really a fire and rescue service?....When I was a young man, had I gone into the Fire Brigade then, I would have been offended had a suit, in an ivory tower, banned me from doing anything with even the smallest, micro risk attached.....Are these hi-viz clad people adults or little children.....If you won't rescue people because you're too afraid of three feet of water, get a job as a sales assistant in mother care; that's pretty risk free.

    This type of story makes my blood boil.

  4. Careful Tonk, "boiling blood" might bring them round to your house to hose you down!

    1. Tonk.2:48 PM

      Or drag me off to court for being critical of the state's big, brave, hi-viz clad, little helpers:-)

    2. @ Ken - that's one way to get your garden watered, now we have a hosepipe ban...