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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nanny Cameron Bans Beyonce

Dear oh dear, the Tory Party appears to be regressing to the 1950's in its Canute like reaction to "raunchy" pop videos; as it has had an attack of the "Samantha Bricks" (ie it has completely lost touch with reality).

Nanny Cameron, instead of focusing on issues that really matter (eg wars in the Middle East, austerity, care for the elderly, the Motorman Blue Book) has decided to focus his energies on banning "raunchy" pop videos.

Nanny Cameron has decreed that people under  the age of 18 should not watch scantily clad attractive people gyrate in suggestive manners on videos. He wants the videos classified (in the same manner as films), and for sites that host them to bar under 18's from watching them.

May I ask Nanny Cameron, have you ever watched one of these videos, or is this rather like the pasty that you never really ate?

Factoid: children/teenagers getting sweaty and excited over "raunch" is nothing new, and not a threat to society (whatever the state might try to tell us).

Children/teenagers/adults being subjected to a daily bombardment of violence in soaps and on the TV news is likely to be far more damaging.

I appreciate that Nanny has had a self inflicted lousy few weeks; what with  the "Granny Tax", Pastygate, private dinners, government surveillance etc etc. However, using this as an attempt to divert people's attention from these and other issues is absolutely pathetic and indicates that Nanny has completely lost touch with reality. 

For fark's sake Tories get your act together!

Oh, and for good measure, I see that another person who has never lived in the real world (namely the Duchess of Cornwall) has also decreed that raunchy videos (which she has never watched) are bad for us!

Censorship is Nanny's favourite weapon!

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  1. I can't see a problem with kids watching Beyonce or her ilk. I just wish that Nanny would ban the soundtracks, so the rest of us don't have to suffer...

  2. And there was I thinking Mr Cameron was a Conservative.....

  3. It seems he's very rattled about people's reactions to a number of the "Tory" policies (for good measure read today's )

  4. Watcha! Brian Sewell ‘ere again. You know, the famous art critic and twat.

    Since I aint been on the telly much and the BEEB aint been supplying the beer tokens, I have had plenty of time to watch videos. Let’s face it, my Giro don’t go that far and come Mondays I am out of the pub and on the scrounge. So for ‘alf the week there’s me on the sofa with me bag of monster munch watching MTV.
    Beyonce is well fit and her videos fill my day very nicely until the 10 minute free view comes on XXXBabes.

    I think all kids should watch her on the telly, ‘cos that way they will be so nackered from wanking that they will not be able to go out giving it large and causing agro.

    Know what I mean.

  5. Number 68:47 AM

    Justshows what a complete waste of space our 'government' is. When all they have to do is kiss arse to the EU diktats, which run all the serious measures from security to roads to food safety all they can do is waffle on about idiot music videos.

    As long as the sheep in this country continue to vote Lib/Lab/Con this is the kind of crap we are going to have to put up with.