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Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

The New No Fly Zone - USA Monitors British Travellers

The Independent reports that Nanny USA now wants monitor those who fly to its neighbours:

"One million British travellers planning to fly to Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico this year face the risk of being turned away at the airport – at the insistence of the US Department of Homeland Security.
New rules require British Airways and other airlines flying to certain airports outside America to submit passengers' personal data to US authorities. The information is checked against a "No Fly" list containing tens of thousands of names. Even if the flight plan steers well clear of US territory, travellers whom the Americans regard as suspicious will be denied boarding."
It seems to me that a little bit of reciprocity is called for here, namely that the details of US citizens flying to the UK and its neighbours (ie Europe) should be requested pre flight; and that the UK be given the right to block US citizens from flying if their names appear on UK Nanny's no fly lists.

Have we totally lost our guts as a nation?

Why the hell are we allowing this to happen?

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  1. Anonymous6:01 AM

    This is a stupid, unworkable scheme which if enforced will result in many court challenges.

    In the West Indies, especially Jamaica, Rastafarianism is popular. The followers see it as a religious right that they should be allowed to smoke marijuana. I should imagine that many British Rastafarians have racked up multiple drug convictions by following that belief.

    Will these British citizens with drug convictions be denied the right to visit their extended families in the Caribbean?

    How about the people that work in these newly excluded countries? Notably athletes, sportsmen and those in the entertainment industry (although there are countless other trades and professions too).

    Will they be barred from competing, performing and plying their trades too?

  2. Does the UK actually HAVE a "no fly" list? - We seem to happily accept all the worlds dross and undesirables...