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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Utter Knobheads - The Central Wales Football Association

Oh dear oh dear, when will Nanny ever learn that competition and the ability to deal with failing and losing are essential elements in a child's education?

You only have to look at what happens to people who were cosseted from failure as kids to realise the damage that this does to them as adults, they end up becoming contestants (who are all "winners") on The Apprentice!

Anyhoo, Russell Hughes-Pickering and Dilwyn Roberts-Young, who give up hours of their time to coach the Aberystwyth and District Junior Football League a junior football league, discovered to their cost that Nanny does not like competition.

Both men were disciplined and ordered to step down for 12 months following a complaint.

What was their crime?

They were accused of breaching the Central Wales Football Association’s regulations, which ban under-11s from taking part in competitive matches. For reasons best known to Nanny, she has decreed that teams belonging to the league must play each other on a friendly basis, with no league table or points being recorded.

Unfortunately the two men organised a knockout competition. Needless to say, some sad git (clearly with nothing better to do in his/her life) complained.

Not only have they been suspended, but they must also pay a £75 fine, £50 costs and £50 for not being represented at the disciplinary hearing.

Ker Farking Ching!

By not allowing children to compete and experience failure/losing, Nanny is denying them the ability to grow, learn and develop into mature self responsible adults (isn't that a form of child abuse?).

The Central Wales Football Association, utter knobheads!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis10:53 AM

    Once more, words fail me! It is crucial for children to understand and experience success and failure for the reasons you point out, Ken. In any case, if they aren't allowed to experience failure, how will they appreciate success? If there is no league table or points awarded, what incentive is there to do one's best? This country didn't become great over the years through perverse rules like these! The great leaders of our past must be spinning in their graves! Mr Russell Hughes-Pickering and Mr Dilwyn Roberts-Young ought to have been rewarded for iniative, not treated like criminals (it wouldn't surprise me if those jobsworths who punished them WOULD treat criminals better!)! They ought to refuse to pay a single penny of the fine, costs and other charge, and tell this inquisition to take a running jump!

  2. How about a something related to coaching from the other side of the pond.

  3. I can't see how anyone, other than a magistrate or police officer can impose a "fine." It must be some sort of arrangement based in contract law.

    As a youngster, I loved competition; swimming, rugby, football, running, etc. I loved the feeling of winning and disliked the feeling of loosing but, I always tried harder when I had lost, just to not have that feeling again!

    By wrapping kids up in bubblewrap and "protecting" them from the realities of life, you do them a great disservice and I agree Ken, it IS a form of child abuse. It is far better to learn coping mechanisms for failure and dissappointment at a young age, rather than in adulthood because, everyone fails at some time.

  4. I spent last week charging over the mountains of North Wales with my younger son; I'm surprised some creepy sort of person didn't pop out from behind a rock when we were both soaked to the skin in a hailstorm and accuse me of abusing my 16 year-old by exposing him to horrible weather; not to mention the blisters we both developed on our feet, and the trauma suffered by my son on having to share a tent with his 50 year old Dad's stinky socks.

    Luckily there were no steaming idiots up the hills (except us, that is) to spoil what was a really wonderful holiday, and a real father-son-bonding session (err; is the word 'bonding' now on the naughty list?).