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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Nanny Hates Fags - Second Hand Smoke

I see that Nanny has jumped on her anti smoking hobby horse again, and is now bombarding us with adverts extolling the virtues of a smoke free home and car.

Seemingly "secondhand smoke" is the greatest threat to our existence since the invention of the A Bomb!

All very well, maybe. However, is it not odd that whist Nanny tells us not to smoke in cars she happily ignores the fact that pollution from the cars themselves is a far greater health issue than passive smoking?

Anyhoo, as sure as eggs are eggs, once the campaign has been shown for a few weeks on TV Nanny will start to make noises about passing legislation banning smoking in private cars and homes.

Oh..I was wrong..Nanny is already doing that!

Step forward the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, who are already demanding that smoking in cars where children are present should be made illegal.

Prof Terence Stephenson President of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, is of the view that the state has a duty to proactively "intervene":
"The state does have a duty to protect children's health and intervene where necessary."
God protect us from "well meaning" worthies, such as the professor, who believe that the state should control our lives for our own "best interests"!

Coming soon no doubt, Nanny will ban barbecues.

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  1. Mmmmmm, So the state has responsibility for our children.......Now where did I put all those bills and receipts for expenditure that I ran up raising my child and I must tell her(my daughter) too because, she has three that the state doesn't appear to be taking care off......Bloody Nanny!

  2. "Plans are afoot" - for an outright "ban" on smoking anywhere in Wales.

    1. Archroy6:39 PM

      These over-promoted County Councils do like pushing people around, don't they.

    2. Anonymous9:51 PM

      Bloody good excuse not to go to Wales...

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    You are making the mistake of assuming that Prof Terence Stephens and his ilk are "well meaning".

  4. Most smokers with children in their car do not smoke in the car anyway, (I was doing/not doing that in the 1980's). That miniscule minority who do will carry on whatever the law is.
    Also, 80% of car exhaust is invisible - actually - most of the time, it is nigh on 100% invisible!

  5. (Originally posted by me on 'Annaraccoon')

    I agree that “smoke” contains (unspecified amounts of) ‘toxic chemicals’.

    What isn’t at all clear is why ‘nicotine’ is given as the main source of concern in “Second Hand Smoke – Won’t Anyone Think Of The Kiddies?”

    OR – why ONLY airborne products of combustion from tobacco leaves present any significant ‘Health Risk – Won’t Anyone Think Of The Kiddies?”

    One can freely, legally, and openly go into a Restaurant anywhere in UK (with ‘kiddies’ – if you feel so inclined) – and sit at a table in the welcoming light of scented candle, warmed by a cheerful open fire that pervades the room with the scent of pine – watch while the chef in an ‘open-plan kitchen’ cooks your choice of meat (or veggies) over a ‘real charcoal grill’ – to produce the sought-after flavour from ‘searing stripes’ of partially pyrolysed fats & protein.

    For dessert you can choose Creme Brulee ( That delicious semi-crisp caramelised coating!) – and laugh at the pretty effect of the Sparklers stuck in it. Or flaming Crepes Suzette.

    The meal can be rounded off with a ‘High Roast’ coffee and a Malt Whisky (Aged for 7 years in sherry casks carefully charred on the inside to impart that characteristic ‘nose’)