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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ker Farking Ching - Brighton Council's Fuckwittery

Here in sunny Brighton we used to welcome day trippers and tourists.

For why?

Well, Brighton is a seaside resort that arose from the hedonistic "larks" of a rather portly Prince Regent. The financial infrastructure of the seafront is based on encouraging tourists to part with their cash, in exchange for fish &chips, sticks of rock, deckchairs and other such stuff.

That at least was the set up in the past.

Unfortunately our Green Party overlords have other ideas and other agendas. The Greens do not like cars, and have come up with a "terrific" wheeze that raises money for their moribund accounts and discourages people from parking their cars along the seafront.

Can you guess what that is children?

Yes, that's right, the council as from 1 April are now charging £20 per day (an increase of £16 from the current winter rate of £4 per day) for the privilege of parking in car parking spaces along Madeira Drive.


That makes Brighton the most expensive place in the UK in which to park!

Ker Farking Ching!  
Not only that, but the meters only accept £1 coins (they do not take notes or cards).

In one fell swoop the council have made Brighton seafront the least attractive place in the country to park.

Well done lads!

Surely though, the council have an effective "park and ride" scheme?

Errmm..not that I am aware of!

Alternative transport options are great in the Green world (the Greens actually claim that people can bicycle here, yes if they are local but not if they are coming en mass from eg Croydon!), if there are decent alternatives. However, who wants to pay for four or more to take a lousy train service to Brighton when the easiest option ought to be to drive to the seafront?

Given that no one in their right mid will pay £20, and given that taking the train only works if you are on the main London to Brighton line and don't mind paying £25 per head or more, the council have effectively cut the financial lifeblood of the sea front.

Well done lads!

Greedy, naive fuckwits!

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  1. To be fair, there is a park and ride scheme that operates from the Withdean Stadium on the route into Brighton that we usually take when popping along the coast from Pompey. Having said that, it's not the most massive car park in the world.

  2. Tourists are made aware of this, are they? I live here and didn't know about it!

  3. That's the problem with greens; green outside but bossy little reds on the inside.

    The local trade organisations need to sue the council.

    1. Number 62:40 PM

      Agreed,the businesses are the life blood of the town and will be there long after Ms Lucas and her organic yurt dwelling lentil squeezers are consigned to history.

  4. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Do you know if it's still free from 6pm - 6am ? As ex Brightonians we have visited in a motorhome and have parked free for the night on Madeira Drive. Saves the great aunts getting nagged by their neighbours when we park the beast outside their house.


    1. Seemingly still free then

  5. Number 62:37 PM

    You expect the 'greens' to live in the real world? This is just another one of their idiot 'green' policies. Oh and let us not forget Dave 'Boy Green' Cameron's "Vote Blue go Green" election promise.

  6. Archroy4:12 PM

    The place went tits-up when it started calling itself a 'city'.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Proposals for other resident’s parking schemes will be taken into account as part of a city wide parking review. Residents and businesses from across the city will have the opportunity to take part in the city wide review and their input will shape the future of the city’s parking service.