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Friday, April 20, 2012

Nanny Bans Chillisauce

Last Friday I congratulated London Metropolitan University for demonstrating some "supreme fuckwittery":
"Congratulations to London Metropolitan University (one of this country's "older" bastions of learning, founded in 2002) for demonstrating some supreme fuckwittery.

Professor Malcolm Gillies, its vice chancellor, has told a conference that the university is considering banning the sale of alcohol from some parts of the campus.

For why?

Seemingly, according to the Prof, a "high percentage" of students consider drinking "immoral"
. "
Well now, here we are one week hence and I see that LMU has again caused a wee kerfuffle. However, this time it is not the university that is displaying fuckwittery but some of its lecturers.

For reasons best known to themselves, some of LMU's lecturers have taken against Chillisauce.

No, I don't mean the condomment (or is is condiment?;), I mean the events company that is linking up with LMU to offer masters courses in events management.

Irrespective of whether a degree in events management is a "real" degree or not, one might ask why it is that the lecturers are so aggrieved by the link up.

It seems that Chillisauce organise custom stag and hen weekends across Europe.

"No meal is really complete without a juicy bird. Whether you're a fan of a firm thigh or you prefer a succulent breast a tender chick is always a more-than-welcome lip-smacking culinary delight.... you've realised we're not talking about poultry here right? Ok, good.

Whilst you're munching away on your delicious feast a naughty Dutch bird will saunter out and get rid of those unnecessary clothes and show you just how bendy those long legs of hers are. As the food drops from your mouth and back onto your plate the saucy sexpot will grind relentlessly at your table, gyrating what God so kindly gave her for your viewing pleasure. Seriously tasty stuff.

Other Notes:
No stuffing
Stripper to strip in a private room in the restaurant whilst the group are eating the meal
Is this illegal?


Is this the sort of thing that events managers are sometimes meant to handle?


Therefore why are the lecturers so aggrieved at the link up?

It seems that the lecturers’ leaders are worried that the formal partnership will damage the “university’s reputation”, sorry lads but LMU's reputation was damaged last week anyway wrt the alcohol and sex ban nonsense.

My advice to LMU, loosen up!

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