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Friday, April 13, 2012

The London Metropolitan University Degree in Fuckwits

Congratulations to London Metropolitan University (one of this country's "older" bastions of learning, founded in 2002) for demonstrating some supreme fuckwittery.

Professor Malcolm Gillies, its vice chancellor, has told a conference that the university is considering banning the sale of alcohol from some parts of the campus.

For why?

Seemingly, according to the Prof, a "high percentage" of students consider drinking "immoral".


Has he actually asked them?

Students find drinking immoral?

Is it compulsory for students to drink?

No, I thought not!

On planet does the Prof live?

Ah, wait a minute, I see.

It seems that 20% of the students are Muslim, and the Prof is using the excuse of "cultural sensitivity" to promote his own personal belief (as stated in his speech) that he "was not a great fan of alcohol on campus".

It seems a pretty lousy tactic to use other people's religious beliefs as an excuse to promote your own prejudices, given that the students attend the university of their own free will and are not forced to drink.

He is quoted by the Telegraph:
"Because there's no majority ethnic group, I think it [selling alcohol] is playing to particular parts of our society much more [than to others]". 
For good measure the Prof is worried about sex on campus too.

Good luck with banning that then!

London Metropolitan University, offering degrees in fuckwittery.

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  1. Crazy logic from a so called academic.

    One in five think alcohol is immoral, four in five thinks it's fine....So the minority over rule the majority,,,,,,,Another example of European democracy in action.

    If I was an academic, I would be more worried about driving up educational standards over all, rather than becoming Nanny.
    Our so called education system has become little more than an indoctrination system for the looney left.....Pro EUSSR, Political correctness, pro new false religion of climate change etc etc.

  2. Anonymous6:03 AM

    "Because there is no majority ethnic group" ....... ? Yes there is professor,they are called British.Even in London they must surely be in the majority or does the prof know something we don't?

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    If one looks around hard enough one can always find someone who thinks something is immoral (personally I'd like to ban ballpoint pens); however the word 'University' is meant to involve being all-inclusive and not the reverse. Therefore, although I dislike ballpoint pens a lot, I will defend anybody's right to use them. I have a Master's degree from the "University" of Abertay (or is it "Abert'aint" ?) so am well aware of the sort of knocking shops set up over the last 20 years to drag down tertairy education into the gutter; but then I suppose we should not have expected more from a man who managed 1 O-Level at school (personally I managed 10) - John Major, followed by Mr smarmy-boots (I'll do anything to get brownie points) Blair. Frankly all post 1965 "universities" should be closed, and about half fo those set up post First World War need some fairly close examination as well. The very great sadness is the Polytechnics, doing a great job, were destroyed to satisfy a few people's misguided snobbery.