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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Beware Nanny's Prum Treaty

In the "good old" days of Nu Liebour, Nanny quietly signed up to an EU treaty in 2008 known as the Prum Treaty.

This treaty (yet to be implemented in the UK) entitles EU police forces to access Nanny UK's DNA database, the police fingerprint database and the DVLA records of every driver in Britain.

According to the Mail, Nanny EU is now fed up with the foot dragging of Nanny UK and is threatening to fine the UK unless access is given.

When this is implemented in the event that there is a cock up, ie an innocent person is mistakenly identified as a suspect, innocent Brits will find themselves extradited to a foreign land before they have the chance to prove their innocence in the UK.

Mind you this is par for the course under Liebour, given that it was Bliar that gave the US the right to extradite British citizens to the US to face trial over there (rather than be tried in the UK under British law) without the need for prima facie evidence of a crime.

However, it is only a one way agreement!

- It removes or restricts key protections for defendants
- It was signed and adopted without any parliamentary scrutiny

Under the treaty, the allegations of the US government will be enough to secure the extradition of people from the UK. However, if the UK wants to extradite someone from the US, evidence to the standard of a "reasonable" demonstration of guilt will still be required.

No other EU countries would accept this US demand, either politically or constitutionally. Yet the UK government not only acquiesced, but did so taking advantage of arcane legislative powers to see the treaty signed and implemented without any parliamentary debate or scrutiny.

All happy with this are we?

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  1. "All happy with this are we?"

    Do I really need to answer that?

    1. Yes you do, I need your answer for my database;)

  2. O.K. "No I'm FCUKing well not!!!"

  3. Tonk.7:09 PM

    I suspect the person that decided to do this has been rewarded......Well actually, I know he has.

    I am sick and tired of the database state and now, it has spread to the private sector too.....I always question the need to supply details when ever I acccess services etc and very often I go without.....Are we all happy that all these organisations have all our details etc in their IT systems?

  4. Anonymous8:17 PM

    All politicians are cunts. They criticize each other, but when the chance comes for them to put things right they do fuck all.

    I have just been watching those two smug bastards Cameron and Clegg, who instead of facing the fact that they have achieved very little, seem to think that all the electorate care about is whether or not they are good chums.

    As if we fucking care.

  5. Lord of Atlantis11:49 AM

    Thank you nuLabour for overturning our basic rights, as enshrined in Magna carta, and thank you coalition for not restoring them! I wonder if the same rules will apply to actual criminals or terrorists? No, I didn't think so.