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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nanny To Tax Coke?

I was gemused to read this morning that there are calls from various medical bodies, Sustain (a food and farming charity), Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, Friends of the Earth, the National Heart Forum and the Royal Society for Public Health et al for Nanny to start taxing Coke.

The snorty kind, or the fizzy kind?

Thinking for one nanosecond that Nanny had experienced a Damascus moment wrt legalising drugs, I was needless to say unsurprised to read that this tax refers to adding 20p or so to a litre of fizzy drinks that contain sugar.

Seemingly it would help avert the health disaster of the "mini time bombs" that are this country's children (their words not mine).


Here's a simple and more effective solution for those parents who are worried about their children's consumption of sugar etc.

Don't buy them sugary, unhealthy shite to eat and drink!

It really is that simple!

My parents only ever bought Coke and crisps for me as a very rare treat, and limited my pocket money so I didn't go and waste it.

Problem solved, without the need for state intervention!

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  1. I agree Ken; people do need to start taking responsibility for their actions and people with kids do need to act as parents, rather than their kid's best friend or equal.

    I think Nanny has dumbed people down so much today, that few could manage without her interventions.

    I fear for future generations: only allowed to think what Nanny has approved, only allowed to eat and drink what Nanny has approved and only allowed to do what Nanny has approved......We are Borg.

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I read the same article, and it also mentioned that presently each 60p can of soft that is sold is already taxed 20p by the government. Who would have thought that there is already extra tax on soft drinks?

    At the moment the government earn one third of these companies gross income. They do fuck all for the money and it does not matter to them whether these companies make a loss at the end of any year. They want their money regardless and now the greedy bastards want double.

    They do nothing to help these businesses; on the contrary, they are doing everything they can to discourage people from buying the products.

    With a business plan like that is there any wonder why the country is so far in the shit?

    1. Tonk.7:14 PM

      I suspect it is VAT 50p + 20% VAT = 60p

      If Nanny does impose a 20p per ltr "special tax" on fizzy drinks, I suspect she will also put VAT on that extra 20p, in much the same way she does with petrol etc.....A tax on a tax in effect!

  3. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Yeah, 'cause artificial sweeteners are so much better ... I wonder when people will finally realise that your everyday food should list ingredients that granny would have approved of. If you abide that, then the odd fizzy drink (or artificial drops, soup powder, take-away) won't be an issue at all. Funny that people instead switch from one seemingly unhealthy thing to another ...

  4. Alternatively instead of giving them sugary drinks they can give them fruit. Oh wait, that's got sugar in too. Usually more than sugary drinks. Best thing is to let the kids out to play. Exercise is the best form of weight control.

    1. Ah but don't forget, parents can't let their kids out to play because all the playing fields have been sold off and there's a paedophile on every corner.