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Monday, January 07, 2013

Auntie's Banana-free Zone

I am gemused to read that Nanny's chum Auntie has imposed a banana-free zone in the new Broadcasting House, because a member of staff has an allergy to bananas.

Posters have been put up a picture of a banana with a large cross through it.

The banana-free zone has been put in place in “specific areas of the newsroom”, where staff have been warned that unpeeling or eating the fruit at their desks could cause problems.
A spokesman for the BBC told the Telegraph that the ban was not imposed by the corporation, but issued by members of staff concerned for their colleague’s welfare.

Wouldn't a simple, polite verbal request along the lines of "please could you eat your banana elsewhere" be a little more appropriate, proportionate and less humiliating for the member of staff?

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  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    This implies that there is no safe limit of exposure to banana 'fumes'.

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I've been inhaling other people's bananas for years and it's never done me any harm

    1. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Up to now perhaps...some would claim passive exposure can take years (ask ASH, they're bananas).

  3. Anonymous8:05 AM

    This is quite funny to me, but not for the reason you'll think Ken.

    Banana allergy is a relatively rare occurrence, and serious (anaphylactic) reactions are even rarer. It belongs to one of two allergy types either pollen-food (usually birch pollen) or latex-food. It seems to be related to the PR3 type protein and the development of a hypersensitivity to it.

    The funny thing? Most people only react to taking them orally (OAS, so unless they habitually eat other peoples lunches they're safe) but let's assume they are one of the tiny number who react to contact (do they regularly rub themselves over their colleagues desks? or is it their colleagues rubbing their lunch soaked hands all over them? We need to know lol).

    So all their colleagues are assiduously avoiding bringing bananas into work - forgetting that the very same person will have a reaction to mango, kiwi, chestnut, avocado, etc. - not to mention latex.

    Then this person is wandering blindly around hoping and believing that a sign will protect them from second hand banana, whilst ignoring simple precautions that they should be taking (not anyone else) and the real danger of the rest. What's the betting that should they develop a reaction there'll be a rash of 'second hand banana', 'banana seepage from other areas' and 'deliberate assault by banana' stories rattling around the Beeb lol

    A little knowledge, only partially understood, and the BBC seems to panic over nothing. Then call for and institute draconian measures imposed on everyone. So SSDD then?