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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 04, 2013

Nanny Hates Fat People

In keeping with the ongoing onslaught of diet and anti fat BS being spewed forth by Nanny and the food/diet industry, I am "gemused" to see that a Tory council (Westminster) has declared war on fat people who claim benefits.

Westminster council wants fat people who claim benefits to take more exercise, fat people who refuse to attend exercise sessions could have their benefits slashed and GPs would also be allowed to prescribe leisure activities like swimming and fitness classes under the plans.

This Orwellian idea is contained in a report entitled A Dose of Localism: The Role of Council in Public Health, in a link-up between Westminster Council and the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU).

It seems that Nanny has used 1984 as the blue print for her vision of "utopia".

Orwell would not be pleased, as he wrote the book as a warning not a blue print!

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  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Of my 3,728 reason I have been against so called "Obamacare" here in the US, this is reason #1. The govt will now have a fiduciary interest in my BMI, whether or not I smoke, how much I drink they have always wanted to get in our business w/r/t these matters. But that was just our"betters" wanting to finger wag at us proles. But now that cash is involved? We will be hectored to no end. The questions we are asked when seeing the MD are downright intrusive. How much to we drink, exercise,are we safe in our living environment, have we ever been victim of abuse (nanny loves her victims) do we wear our seat belts, do I own a firearm?( I am a US citizen! Am I asked if I exercise my other constitutional rights, such as free speech, religion, right to due process, to assembly etc?)Its all bullshit.

    And I dont need to remind anyone here,the govt has NO money except what it canextort from it citizenry.

    Debbie in the US

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Savings have got to be made from the benefits system to pay for other worthwhile causes. For instance:-

    The UK government are busy paying an average of £69,000 to some poor Iraqi people who were allegedly detained unlawfully by nasty British troops during a recent war in their shit-hole country.

    205 of these people have received in total an amount of £14 million from British taxpayers, and there are about 700 more that have jumped on the compensation bandwagon.

    The money for upsetting these nice people has got to come from somewhere, so it just seems logical to cut the benefits for fat people in England.

  3. Wouldn't the best way to solve this is to line up all the over 20st on benefits day, and they have to race 200 yards, and only the first gets their full benefits, and then it gets reduced proportionally so the loser gets nothing?

    Vote For Me.

  4. I've got the perfect person for them to start with.

    Someone who takes tens of thousands from the public purse each year.
    Someone who as a Tory and vocal localism supporter (well it was his 2011 Parliamentary Act) presumably backs this idea.
    Someone who is frequently in Westminster as local government secretary.

    Yes, step forward onto the treadmill, the not entirely svelte, Eric Pickles!

  5. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I am not absolutely sure, but I was under the impression that most benefits are paid directly into the recipients bank accounts. The days of trudging down to the job centre every fortnight are now in the past, and ‘job seekers allowance’ is just one of many benefits anyway.

    Therefore Councils have no idea what the people look like who are in receipt of benefits, and certainly no idea of their weight at any particular time.

    Do they propose interviewing every single person that is on benefits and giving them a BMI test?
    As weight fluctuates, do they propose carrying out this procedure each time any payment is due?

    A far easier way for Westminster Council to save money would be for them to stop paying the huge army of superfluous workers that they employ, which would of course include the daft cunts that dreamt up this unworkable scheme.

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      BMI ain't worth a salt

  6. Pickles, by name Picles by nature1:11 PM

    I've got no problem with being fat