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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Booze Matters - New Year Resolution

A Happy New Year to one and all.

In keeping with the time of year, I see that Nanny and the diet industry are bombarding us with adverts etc telling us to diet, detox and exercise.

All very boring and all very predictable.

To add to the cacophony of unwelcome noise, the World Cancer Research Fund has decreed that alcohol makes up nearly 10% of total calorie intake among drinkers.

Shock horror!

So what?

The solution to excess calories taken in from alcohol consumption is simple.

Eat less food.

Voila, problem solved!

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  1. Charles May11:16 AM

    Yes, the big weight-loss secret: eat less, exercise more, lose weight. How hard can it be?

    BTW, this has just appeared on the BBC website:

    More nanny state life-intervention.

    1. Big surprise; I've got a perfectly respectable brain, and my body is equipped with sensors that shout "enough, enough" when I have had enough (a hangover is one of those sensors), and I really don't need anybody to do my thinking for me. The last time any of my family went near a doctor he died (awful pity it wasn't the doctor, really).

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    "Eat less food."

    What a stupid idea Ken - I love my food.

    The obvious solution is to switch to alcohol with less calories...a few less beers & a few more dark rum & diet cokes!


  3. Good grief!....Regarding Charle's link, I hope that local Nanny will give an option of state assisted suicide for those of us that have had enough of her constant nagging and interfering.

    I am sick to death of Nanny invading my home via the TV and radio....I don't want to be told what I can and can't do by Nanny.

    Happy new year to one and all, well except Nanny.

    Dot Gov get stuffed.

  4. This reminds me of a catholic friend of mine from India who, a few years ago, was getting awfully narked by his local priest telling him to fast for Lent. Eventually he asked the priest what the big deal was; and the priest
    replied that he should, at the very least, give up one thing that was very important to him for 40 days. So, my friend Charles (God bless him and all who sail in him), being overly fond of drinking whisky and water gave up the water!

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Who is that rather suave gent in the picture?
    Looks like he could do with a seat on the Food and Wine Committee