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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I see Nanny has invoked "health and safety", yet again, as her "rationale" for interfering in people's lives.

This time Nanny's chums from East Riding council have decreed that the two century old cobbles that make up the Beverley market square pose a health and safety hazard to visitors and residents with disabilities.

Nanny's proposed solution is to dig the cobbles up!

Unsurprisingly this decree has not gone down well, and local residents have organised marches and petitions to try to stop Nanny.

This being a "democracy" Nanny is of course ignoring her local voters.

History Professor Barbara English, of Beverley Civic Society, is quoted by the Telegraph:
"This will destroy the town's historic atmosphere.

Saturday Market, which is surrounded by listed buildings, is the absolute core of the town. This and the minster are what people associate with Beverley.''
It is worth noting that several years ago, plans were put forward to transform the market square into a continental-style piazza, complete with fountains and trees. They were ditched following a public outcry.

A cynic might argue that Nanny (greedy for "investment" from property companies et al) is pulling up the cobbles as a means of making another attempt to turn the square into a "piazza" less fraught with opposition.

East Riding council said it does not need planning permission to remove the cobbles, as the work is being classed as highway repairs.
It is worth noting that the cost of this cobble scheme is around £2.5M, money that should be spent on filling in pot holes and repairing roads/paths etc (potholes etc pose dangers to both able bodied and those with disabilities).
Does this mean that there are no potholes in East Riding?
Local residents are welcome to send me picture of any potholes, so that I can post them on this site.

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  1. Tonk.4:23 PM

    'Elf'n'Safety, just like Nanny's other coveralls, mean shut up and do as you're told.

    Let's hope, that now the light of publicity has been focused on Nanny, she will again back down saying, "Hee hee hee, it was all a big misunderstanding, we're really nice and won't destroy our nation's heritage."

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    These days we talk of countries being trillions of pounds in debt and banks along with other huge corporations making billions in profit.
    Perhaps it is understandable that we have forgotten just how much 2.5 million pounds can buy.

    A half decent builder could construct 25 luxury homes for that money and perhaps 50 quite acceptable ones; so how the fuck can it cost £2.5 million to level out some ground?

    The council are vandalising history AND ripping off their taxpayers!

  3. Shame they can't be listed like a building - or can they?

  4. Lord of Atlantis11:22 AM

    "This being a "democracy" Nanny is of course ignoring her local voters."

    A wonderful example of local "democracy" in action! And politicians wonder why so few people bother to vote, especially in local elections, and they also wonder why they are held in such contempt by the public!

  5. ExPat in Canada3:09 PM

    I am an ex resident of Beverley, now living in Canada. I am appalled at this suggestion: Saturday Market is indeed the heart and soul of Beverley and to "Modernise" it, for whatever lame excuse, is to destroy its entire character.
    Now just to make things clear: the entire Market place is not cobbled, it is mostly asphalt with painted white lines for parking on the other six days of the week when there is no market. The cobbles are limited to the main street passing along the western edge of the square. But no matter: I loved the cobbles and (not so) respectfully suggest that the idea is a load of cobblers!
    There are two pubs in Saturday Market: the Green Dragon and the King's Head, and a short walk away is the famous "Nellies" (The White Horse, but nobody ever calls it that). Recommended.