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Friday, January 11, 2013

Postman Prat

Commiserations to the resident of Maryfield Walk and Rogerstone Avenue (in Stoke-on-Trent) who were, at the tail end of last year, hit by the health and safety gestapo who work for the Royal Mail.

Owing to "uneven paving slabs" (that are deemed by Nanny to be a "trip hazard") the Royal Mail have banned their postmen from delivering to these roads. Residents have to make a six mile round trip to pick the mail up from the nearest depot.

The Mail quotes a spokesman for Royal Mail said:
"We have temporarily suspended deliveries because of the very poor state of the pavements in the area. 

We previously raised our concerns with residents about the safety risk because the pavements are their responsibility, but to date these haven’t been addressed. 

We carried out a further risk assessment last week and the paving clearly posed a safety risk. Our delivery staff have been injured in very similar circumstances and as we have a duty of care we are not prepared to compromise on safety. 

We are keen to resume deliveries to these addresses as soon as improvements are made to the pavements."
Seemingly the council will not repair the road.

Pete Price, of Stoke-on-Trent City Council, said:
"It is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure the roads and pavements are maintained to a safe standard."
An absurd situation, by any reasonable person's standards!.

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    So how many other companies have a problem with Rogerstone Avenue?
    Do the residents have a problem with furniture and DHL deliveries? I bet they get their fair share of free newspapers too.

    It is probably only the Post Office, the one company that has a duty to deliver to every home in the country that carries out ‘trip risk assessments’.

    Perhaps there ought to be a new standard for pavements of 'Post Office Approved'.


  2. Tonk.7:18 PM

    If I worked for the Royal Mail, I would be so ashamed, as an adult male, that my employers felt I was such a cretin that I couldn't manage to walk on some uneven pavements: what type of person do RM employ these days? Can they go to the toilet on their own and can they dress themselves?

    I am sure there is a whole level of management in so many public service organisations whose sole role is to make their hi-viz clad staff look like twats.