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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Give Nanny An Inch

Give Nanny an inch, and she will take a mile.

Such was the case for Andrew Wilson, a window cleaner from Lincol, who recently had the misfortune of parking his van in his own driveway in such a manner that one inch of it overhung the yellow lines of his street.

Needless to say a traffic warden duly appeared and presented him with a £70 fine.

The van was parked near the end of the driveway because of building work going on at a neighbour's property.

Mr Wilson is quoted by the Mail of accusing Lincolnshire County Council of 'milking people of every penny':
"It's a £70 fine but if you pay it in 14 days then it's £35. 

I'm not going to pay it. 

I've appealed against it and sent the photos I took. 

I have been living here for three and a half years and the yellow lines have always been there but I've never had a problem. 

'After 6pm you don't need a permit so the traffic wardens are always down there at like 5.30pm trying to catch people out.  I've seen them scraping the ice off trying to look for permits. 

'It is just stupid. It is milking us for every penny we have. It is disgusting."
The council will investigate and cancel the ticket, if they find it has been issued in error.

We shall see!

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  1. Tonk.3:27 PM

    Nanny loves the sound of her till ringing......Kerching!

  2. on my road, it is permits only on one side, and pay for tickets the other side, it swaps halfway down the road and on a sunday the permit side is free...

    my sister got caught because we didnt realised the whole road wasnt free on a sunday and they refused to cancel the ticket even though the rules for each road side change halfway down and are different each side-could they make it any more confusing for us people who genuinely arent taking the piss and parking where we shouldnt?!


  3. Anonymous6:22 AM

    There might be stupid, irresponsible motorists around, and for them I am all in favour of having yellow lines on the roads,
    If anyone is daft enough to park on a yellow line then the car should be removed and the errant motorist should pay the reasonable cost.
    But yellow lines should only be painted on sections where it is dangerous to park. They should not be used as a source of extra revenue for councils.

    If it is safe and reasonable to park somewhere then why are councils permitted to restrict parking or install parking meters? Who exactly handed over the nation’s roads to councils to be used in such a way?

    Cunt Livingstone is a prime example. The roads in London were there for centuries before he was elected, but he decided as soon as he came to power that his council owned all of them to the extent where he felt he had the right to charge motorists a daily rate for using them. Nobody stopped him from doing this.

    It is ridiculous situation that if a car is apparently parked in a dangerous place that it should be given a ticket and left where it is and it is even more stupid that it should be immobilized by clamping. That does nothing to ease traffic flow or increase road safety.
    90% of ‘yellow line’ restrictions and 100% of parking meters are simply extra tax earners for the authorities.