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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 22, 2005

Plonker of The Week

Peter O'Neill Plonker of The WeekSometimes, because they have been so conditioned by Nanny into not thinking, people blurt out the most absurd nonsense.

Regrettably many of the these "blurters" have some form of menial position of power over the rest of us.

This week one of Nanny's plonkers took a particularly daft notion into his head, and tried to make it public policy.

My plonker of the week award goes to Peter O'Neill, a Labour councilor in Wolverhampton.

O'Neill, for reasons that escape me, had decided that the popular tune "Land of Hope and Glory" was in fact too political (something to do with the Tory Party and the Falklands War!); consequently he sought to ban it at the forthcoming Remembrance Day celebrations.

However, he was prepared to replace it with something equally uplifting; he was going to allow the popular tune "Sailing", as performed by Rod Stewart in 1975, to be played.

Needless to say this daft idea was shot down in flames by all and sundry.

O'Neill has now been forced to apologise for his lapse of common sense.

He apologised for causing offence and said that it was "a mistake".

He claimed that he was concerned at the falling numbers of people attending the Remembrance celebrations, and wanted to attract younger groups to the event.

May I ask how the playing of a 1970's hit will attract younger people?

O'Neill said that he "fully accepted" that Land of Hope and Glory "belonged to the British people", not the Conservative party.


"I admit I was wrong. My own personal view is that it is associated with Conservative party conferences

I was wrong. That music belongs to the British people. The strength of feeling I have heard has made me painfully aware of that.

I did not wish to cause offence to anyone".

Mr O'Neill said he now wanted to draw a line under the affair.

Of course he does!

I am sure that had there not been such a fuss, he would have had it banned.

That's the trouble with Nanny, you have to remain ever vigilant.


  1. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and while I can't remember who said that it is very true. If these plonkers have their way we shall all be singing the Red Flag. There is a continual dripping at our history, customs and way of life in an effort to make us compliant and ready to accept anything which comes from Our Rulers as gospel.
    remeber 1933 in Germany.

  2. I recently sat through a primary school choir giving an unexpected performnce in our staff restaurant. They were very good until they sang a song to the tune of "I vow to me my country" which was full of some trite mindless multi-culti pap about world unions and new ages.

    Aha! I thought, that nefarious EUrope poisoning youthful minds again!

    I found out later it was from the Rugby World Cup...

  3. This is an excellent website you have here. You're doing us all a great service!

  4. Thanks Mark

    Please tell your friends and colleagues.