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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Failure Banned

Nanny Bans FailureIn Nanny's world we are all created equal and treated equally, that usually means badly, no one is disadvantaged and we all achieve our wildest ambitions.

Clearly Nanny must have watched "Willy Wonka" a little too often.

Anyhoo, it has come to the attention of some of Nanny's chums in the teaching profession that reality does not always come up to Nanny's ideal.

No kidding!

They have seen that some of their precious little schoolchildren, having numbed their brains by playing too many video games and eating too much shit, have not managed to get themselves through Nanny's ever easier exam system.

Media Studies for example, despite being easier to pass than a pile of dog shit, still manages to confound some of Nanny's less able brained children.

No problem, Nanny's chums in the teaching profession have come up with a solution; they will ban failure.


Ban failure!

Yes failure will be forever consigned to the dustbin of history (which we don't study anymore anyway), instead the phrase "deferred success" will be used.

Retired teacher Liz Beattie, who worked in primary schools for 37 years, came up with the idea. Has she nothing better to do?

It is very scary to think that this women spent 37 years near children.

In Liz's view, children who are told they have failed can be so demoralised they give up on education.


"It's important to get them fired with enthusiasm for learning, not having them hanging their heads and feeling unhappy about their marks.

It's a good thing to get rid of total pass or total fail


Failure is as much part of life as birth, death and sex.

You can no more eradicate failure than you can disinvent the wheel.

Notwithstanding the total absurdity of her suggestion, she will put forward her proposal at the Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) annual conference in Buxton, Derbyshire, next week.

Her motion, which will be seconded by a colleague from Yorkshire, reads:

"Conference believes it is time to delete the word fail from the educational vocabulary to be replaced with the concept of deferred success."

Liz, PAT Suffolk secretary, even believes that the motion will be passed.

I guess that if it doesn't pass, she will consider it to be a deferred success rather than a fail?

She is also of the belief that it is important not to exclude less able pupils.

She said:

"Testing systems are building failure for a lot of kids. Children that find learning difficult don't do well in tests, as they lack confidence.

If they find academic teaching difficult then we should teach them something else which they are good at

It is time that this lady went back to her retirement, and left the important matter of teaching our future to those with a little more sense.

Failure is character building, those who fail develop and mature far more readily than those who live their lives in the gilded cage of success or mediocre underachievement.

You only have to look around you at the sort of characters (immature, whinging, spoilt, fit for nothing and incapable of looking after themselves) that our "self centered" education system has spawned, to see that this nonsense if passed will do immense damage.

Those that cannot succeed should be streamed out from those who can succeed, so that the more able students are not held back.

A convoy only moves as fast as the slowest ship.

Society is being held back by retrograde 60's policies, Liz started her career in the 60's, such as this "deferred success" nonsense.


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Anyone who never fails isn't challenging themselves enough. Why do these idiots imagine that insulating children from failure is going to make their lives better? As soon as they get into the world of work it will become apparent that they have been sold down the river by people trying to protect them.

    Whatever happened to the idea of persistance and working to overcome weakness? Words deferred success me.

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Kids are not daft anyway. What used to be called below average is now known as "working towards target". Kids know full well this is below average so why waste time and effort making up stupid new phrases.

    More importantly kids associate this type of stupidity with the teachers and schools and not the higher authorities that are actually to blame. So it further undermines what little respect they have left for their education system.

  3. Anonymous5:32 PM

    So instead schoolkids will be calling each other deferred's now instead of tards?

    Sometimes you wonder if people can hear themselves speaking. It's just too rediculous to be taken seriously, so obviously it will shortly be official government policy.

  4. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Wouldn't a picture of Bliar be more appropriate .....

  5. Hmmm! Let's see, I was told I had failed (sorry, had "deferred success on ") several of my exams many years ago. Did it demoralise me ? Did it make me a useless, workshy skiver who spent his time hanging around street corners drinking cheap cider and wondering what petty, mindless vandalism to visit on the community ? No to all of those. It made me get off my arse and put some work in to pass with flying colours.

    The only result of this will be generations without drive and persistence who will be unable to handle what the real world throws at them...exactly what nanny wants I suppose.

  6. Anonymous4:07 PM

    And I always thought that the PAT (Professional Association of Teachers) was the least loony of the teaching unions!

  7. Anonymous4:07 PM

    And I always thought that the PAT (Professional Association of Teachers) was the least loony of the teaching unions!