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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fag Break

Fag BreakEva and I went to a pub last night, for a pint before dinner, and experienced the partial no smoking rule in all its daftness first hand.

Eva was not allowed to smoke at the bar counter, in order to prevent the bar staff dying on the spot of cancer, but she could smoke a mere two feet away from it.

Precisely how does that make any difference to the health of the bar staff?

It is a daft rule, made up by daft people.

If Nanny is really concerned about the effect that fags have on the health of her "charges", then she should ban the sale of fags altogether.

However, we all know that she makes far too much money from them by way of excise duties for her to even consider doing that.

She is a hypocrite!

FYI, for my American readers, the word "fag" in England means cigarette.


  1. Ken,

    In the US (I live in north Texas), I don't care much for nanny telling us what to do either. But on this public smoking issue, I have mixed feelings. Being a non-smoker, I always found it annoying when I went to restaurants and the place was filled with smoke. You go out to relax and have a nice time and you end up surrounded in smoke and your clothes smell when you go home.

    A worse example was on airplanes. I was always amazed that they allowed people to smoke on planes where the same air was recirculated and everyone must breath it. You can argue about smoking bans in other places, but I fully support it for air travel.

    The non-nanny way to handle all this is for private businesses to set their own rules. Where I work, when I hired 23 years ago, smoking was allowed. I had to tolerate a lot of smoke back then and I did not like it. It did not seem fair to me that I had to tolerate a small minorities smoking habits. My company changed to a policy of no smoking indoors, which I fully support. It would be hard to imagine any company ever going back to the old policy.

    I suppose that airlines and restaurants may have eventually gotten around to their own smoking bans, but I am not sure. ... hard to imagine a self-imposed smoking ban in English pubs though, don't you think!? And man, something doesn't seem right about the government altering the long tradition of smoking in pubs. So like I said, I have mixed feelings.

    BTW, I greatly enjoy a good cigar now and then! So I am not anti-tobacco. And my wife smokes about 10 cigarettes per day. But if we smoke, it is always in the back yard - not in our house. That is getting to be a common practice in the US.

  2. Hi Dan

    I agree, it is not a black and white issue at all.

    To my view it should come down to adults acting as adults; and trying to show each other a little consideration, and respect each others wishes and comfort.

    Nanny believes that we cannot act as adults, and therefore treats as us children.

    The one area where banning smoking is really a "no no" is the British pub.

    What do others think?


  3. Chris4:31 PM

    As an almost former smoker I have got say that the hard line for me is the pub.

    You see I can and have non-smoked in pubs, but there is something inherently enjoyable about settling back with a pint and a fag that I would be immensly sad to see it go.

    Now you can line up a pile of scientific evidence as to how this will kill me, BUT I will reply with the simple fact that this is one of the joys that makes life worth living.

    The classic quote if that if you abtain from sex, alcohol and tabacco, you don't live longer it just seems that way.

    Now as for the continued survival of the bar staff, tricky. I'm prone to say pay them danger money. Allow pubs and restarants to be completly non-smoking if the demands there they should make a killing.

    At the end of the day I value my free choice more than my health I think. But I agree we should show consideration and not simply blow smoke in others faces.

  4. Anonymous1:06 PM

    "To my view it should come down to adults acting as adults; and trying to show each other a little consideration, and respect each others wishes and comfort."

    I quite agree, as does the majority. But there are enough people who just don't give a shit - the result? A nanny state...