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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nanny Deploys Enver In Fight Against Terrorism

Nanny Deploys Enver In Fight Against TerrorismDear old Blairy Poppins, despite spending £1800 a day on make up to cover up his stress, is turning into a very worried man since the recent terrorist bombings in London.

In fact Blairy is so worried, that he has decided to deploy one of his most fearsome weapons in the "war against terrorism".

What can this be? I hear you ask.

None other that Enver Hodge (Nanny's Employment Minister).

You remember Enver don't you?

She had something of a success in the 1980's and 90's with her childcare policy in Islington. In Islington a number of children, in Nanny's care, were abused by some 32 members of staff; yet Hodge did not act. Indeed when the Evening Standard started to report the issue in 1992, she accused it of "gutter journalism".

She then managed to further pour salt in the wounds, by writing to the BBC in 2003; claiming that one of the victims, Demetrious Panton, was "extremely disturbed". Needless to say this dim-witted outburst backfired, and Hodge had to apologise and pay £10K to a charity.

In addition to allowing systematic abuse to occur, whilst under her "watch", Hodge managed to bankrupt Islington council. During her period in office she made sure that her own children were kept well out of the clutches of Nanny, by sending them to fee paying schools.

Her nickname, coined by her own staff, during this period was "Enver Hodge"; a reference to the Stalinist dictator of Albania.

To read more about Enver visit The Enver Hodge Approach To Parenting

Therefore, as you can see, Enver is a fearsome weapon indeed. The terrorists should be shaking in their shoes.

As such Blairy has commissioned her to "help" Muslim youths improve their employment opportunities.

Somehow or other Nanny has got it in to her head that unemployment causes people to go out and blow up their fellow citizens.

Funny that, I don't remember any bombs going off when unemployment was over 3 million!

Anyhoo, Enver has told a seminar in London that it is vital to discover why young Muslims with promising starts fail to get jobs.

According to independent research discrimination is one problem, but strong family ties and an unwillingness to relocate also play a part.

Enver said that it is important to find ways of encouraging young Muslims to feel integrated into British society, in the light of the terrorist attacks in London on 7 July.

Sorry Enver that is total bollocks.

The solution to the lack of jobs and alienation felt by the Muslim community, and indeed the means to prevent future attacks, lies within the hands of the Muslim community themselves; it is not for Nanny to interfere and make matters worse.

By singling our Muslims for special treatment, Nanny:

1 Shows fear

2 Is rightly or wrongly perceived to be rewarding illegal behaviour

3 Further alienates the Muslim community by making them out to be victims, in need of special treatment

4 Causes resentment from the non Muslim community

I suggest that Blairy and Enver visit In Your Face and read "The Cricket Test Revisited" for more details.

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  1. This shows how scared Blairy is of these muslems who therefore have to be given special treatment or they might not vote for him next time round. It also shows that these foreigners have got us on the run because we do not protest against things like this.
    If there is any spare money about how aboit spending it on our own younsters who need training.