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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Ooh The Irony Of It All!

Ooh The Irony Of It All!I love a bit of irony me, yes I really do like irony. Therefore, I must really thank Nanny for providing us all with the most wonderful piece of irony to be seen in a long time.

What irony would that be then Ken?

None other than the arrest, and Nanny's reaction to the arrest, of Lord Levy (fund raiser extraordinaire to the Labour party, and close friend of Blairy Poppins).

Not only was the arrest an utter hoot, but the bleating reaction and hysteria from Nanny and her lackeys a sight to behold.

Seemingly Nanny doesn't think that the arrest was a nice thing to do to one of her own. Nanny has said that the police were not acting in a professional manner, and had overreached themselves.

I find this somewhat ironic given:
  • Nanny gave us ASBO's

  • Nanny allows British citizens to be rendited (have I spelt this right?) by the CIA

  • Nanny allows British airports to be used by the CIA for illegal renditions

  • Nanny allows British citizens to be extradited, without sufficient evidence and without reciprocity, to the USA

  • Nanny allows British citizens to be shackled in leg chains at Gatwick airport by the FBI

  • Nanny allows the FBI to hound/break a British citizen to such an extent, on British soil!, that he commits suicide

  • Nanny wants to detain people without trial for 90 days or more

  • Nanny and all her friends are lawyers
Seemingly the law is there to be used against the people of Britain, but should never be used against Nanny or her personal friends.

Oooh the irony of it all!

You can smell the fear oozing out of Number 10..lovely ain't it?


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    what is an ASBO?

    (from a US reader)

  2. To the US reader.

    An ASBO is a little like the Congressional Medal of Honor in that conferral of one immediately raises you to hero status amongst your peer group. Unfortunately unlike the CMoH you do not have to perform a potentially life threatening deed of bravery to get one. Instead, you simply spray your name on a few walls, terrorise the elderly and hang around on street corners drinking 'White Lightning' cider and Buckfast tonic wine. Alternatively, if you can't be arsed even to do this, annoying your neighbours with 250 decibel 'rap' music at 4am is a fast track method of owning an ASBO.

  3. Anonymous6:02 PM

    ASBO: Government dictate providing that Anything Should Be Obliderated. ASBOs most frequently found in countries that have replaced Christianity. Only response, prayer. Check for the MOST politically correct website in the world.

  4. Anonymous7:07 PM

    To our American friend:

    ASBO is the acronym for "Antisocial Behaviour Order", one of Nanny's little awards she hands out to the feral youths who, thanks to her policies, infest this land.

    I have always felt that Nanny is the real antisocial one, but there we are. [Where are we? Who knows! In Britain, of course. Really? No ... tell me it's all a horrible dream ...]

  5. Ken:

    Nanny allows British citizens to be rendited (have I spelt this right?) by the CIA

    "Rendered" is probably it, though given the Americans' way with our beloved tongue you were probably right all along.

  6. Anonymous9:58 AM

    i dont get it. is this a spoof of mary popins? i am a nany in new york and was loking for nanny blogs.