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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nanny Bans More Smoking

Nanny Bans More SmokingNanny's obsession with smoking never ceases. She is gathering her forces for another assault on this most "evil" of vices.

This time she is planning to extend the ban on smoking in public places, to encompass those who are bystanders.

This means that Nanny will ban smoking in bus shelters, football grounds, the entrances to office buildings, train platforms and concert venues.

Nanny's Health Minister, Lord Warner, said it would protect more people from secondhand smoking.

What about protecting people from knives, guns and violent assault?

Lord Warner said recently:

"There will be places that will not be enclosed

where there is a risk of harm from secondhand smoke

due to the inevitable close grouping of people.

Examples might be sports stadiums,

bus shelters

and entrances to public buildings or workplaces

There is of course no scientific evidence to prove that people can be harmed by passive smoking outside. However, lack of evidence has never stopped Nanny in the past.

Lord Stoddart said:

"I don't know of any study that says a whiff of somebody else's smoke out in the open air is dangerous."

Nanny's Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, claims it will save thousands of lives. However, scientific evidence shows that 95% of smoking-related deaths are caused by lighting up at home, not in the workplace.

As with all of Nanny's spurious half baked policies based on dodgy science, it's all bollocks!


  1. IF our health is in such danger,might it not be reasonable to ban the 20 million odd cars that are polluting all of our air ,with thier various particulates?.

  2. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Some years ago I recognised that if Nanny was serious about her believe in pollution from cars (arguably somewhat more acceptable than smoking since at least travel might be seen to have a purpose, but still a religion of hate in the end) she should subsidise the cost of new cars.

    The reason?

    Remove the bulk of the old 'stock' and replace it with much the much cleaner and safer vehicles or more recent times.

    Seemed logical to me. Accoringing to various figures re health, pollution and death and injury Nanny likes to spray around it would even pay for itself I suspect.

    The she could ban nasty, smoky, polluting buses of the type most often seen being used by the de-regulated bus companies like Arriva - who are a sort of Crapita for Transport.

    Now that would upset the 'charity' called Transport 2000, a front for the bus (and a litle bit of the train) industry. Maybe that is where the FBS sent his payment in kind.

    So, let's see what Nanny wants to ban from the streets to improve our health on our behalf.

    Smoking, feeding the birds or dropping bread crumbs, banana skins, dropped crisps, ice lolly sticks, palm trees. Drinking in certain areas.

    Maybe we should attempt to compile a definitive list?

    I suspect breathing will be on there somewhere. Fixing water leaks seems to be completely banned already.

    How long before there is a ban on walking on the cracks in the pavement?

  3. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Line 2 of the previous post should, ultimately, have read

    "serious about her belief in pollution formo cars ...."

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM

    From Denver, where as of July 1 things are pretty tough for smokers - a fellow at the convenience store did not smile much when he stood in line for a carton of cigs and I remarked: "now you just have to find a place to use them!" Sadly, my fiancee has turned out to be proof that passive smoking outside is a problem, at least for a select few - she has to break out the inhaler for allergies each time the wind blows smoke our way. We have thought about her asking each outdoor smoker to contribute to the cost of her inhaler. :-(

  5. Anonymous6:43 PM

    "Line 2 of the previous post should, ultimately, have read

    "serious about her belief in pollution formo cars ...." "

    You just can't get the proof readers these days. I suspect the better ones are all outside trying to find somewhere to smoke ...

    Now, about my allergy to politicians. Who do I talk to to get them banned?

  6. Smoking has recently been banned in the car park and bike sheds (shades of school there, nipping round the back of the bike sheds for a cough and a drag...I would have said fag but that brings back unfortunate memories for those of us who attended private schools) of the establishment where I work. This has led to staff choosing to use an area of ornamental gardens to one side of our buildings. Unfortunately this has led to a rise in choking squirrels and asthmatic birdlife which has in turn raised the ire of the local RSPCA who have to keep coming out to administer inhalers to the ducks on the pond. This indicates that Nannys' policies are in fact anything but eco-friendly and I would draw her attention to this by way of the swan with an 80 a day cough that is currently crawling past my window unable to fly in case its lungs explode.