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Monday, July 03, 2006

Young MacDonald

Young MacDonald
Young MacDonald had f**k
Ee aye ee aye oh
And from that f**k he had a kid
Ee aye ee aye oh
With a f**k f**k here
And a f**k f**k there
Here a kid
There a kid
Everywhere, a kid kid
Young MacDonald had a f**k
Ee aye ee aye oh

Congratulations to young Keith MacDonald, 21 of Washington Tyne and Wear, who is the true son of Nanny's Britain. MacDonald has been f**king for Nanny on a truly heroic scale, and has managed to produce 6 kids with 6 different women in the last 7 years (that means he started when he was 14).

The good news is that brat number 7 is on its way, from woman number 7. Doesn't he now have half the cast for a musical?

How can he, and these dim witted females, afford to live in this manner?

Easy, Nanny (well we the taxpayers actually) pay for him and his harem. The cost is estimated to be around 1M per annum.

What does daddy MacDonald do with his time?

Plays the slots in amusement arcades, needless to say he has no job.

Makes you feel proud to be British doesn't it?

What is the solution to this situation?

1 Sterilisation, or

2 Cut off the benefits of the father and the 7 mothers

I do not recommend the first, as it is a very dangerous route down which some very unpleasant regimes have walked.


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM


    Unfortunately, thanks to Nanny's world of no Parental responsibility, the father of the girls probably isn't around to administer a beating. The brothers (and statistically there is likely to be at least one brother here) are probably all off doing the same thing (ie shagging around and scrounging benefits) and the cops are much too busy taclking serious offences like speeding and insulting police horses to even consider looking at this.

    Let's see. Nanny creates sex education programmes at younger ages in achools, promises huge benefits to single teenage mothers and teenage pregnancy rates arethrough the roof. Could there be a connection at all? /sarcasm

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Oh and let's not forget the role of Nanny's commitment to human rights in all of this. Young McDonald's right to shag whom he pleases. His right not to use condoms to prevent pregnancy or STDs. The rights of the young "ladies" to shag whom they please without bothering about contraception or the responsibilities (financial or otherwise) of bringing children into the world, since Nanny has taken those responsibilities unto herself. Nanny so dearly loves a victim that she will do anything to see that they remain victims. Nanny will abolish the need for fatherhood and family. Nanny will provide benefits to live on. Nanny will provide Sure Start Centres in "needy" areas to ensure that parents and children are kept dependent on her. Nanny will support the children's human rights to shag whom they please when they reach delinquent adolescence. Nanny will support the children's children. And on ... ad infinitum ...

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Sure Start Centres in "needy" areas

    Tsk. Tsk. The word you are looking for is "deprived" - after all, selfish deprivers have deprived some areas of their rightful share of the nation's income & wealth.

    -- Nanny's Word Police

  4. Cut off his benefits

    I've never heard them called that before!

    But it's one solution.

  5. Anonymous6:43 PM

    May I be the first to wish young Keith belated, but clearly well-deserved, best wishes for Father's Day. Seven times over!!

    Let me congratulate you as well (I'm speaking to you, Keith) for having assembled quite an impressive string of bitches and ho's for your pleasure and procreation. Well done, lad!

    I know I speak for a great many readers on this site when I say that we think of ourselves as members of your extended family, in so far as we are participating in the upkeep of your rapidly expanding brood.

    As family, then, may we offer a suggestion? Given your well demonstrated knack for sweet talking the ladies, might you consider molding this talent into a career? Perhaps one of Nanny's minions could direct you toward a jobs program for wannabe playa's and pimps in training.

    Young man, you've now got a family - or rather, a litter - to support! Assuming of course that you're willing to lift this burden from the taxpayer's shoulders.

    Ah well, you'll never be accused of being a wanker by your mates.


  6. Anonymous10:57 PM

    So far as the original post is concerned when it speaks about the horrors of forced sterilisation; I suspect that a very few years from now (if Nanny is still in power)anyone who voices the sort of opinion expressed in these pages may well find themselves forcibly sterilised (or worse).
    After all, intellectuals like young Keith will need to be provided with some form of entertainment, what better than the game of 'Cut the Bollocks off the toffs'?