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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scumbags Come First

Scumbags Come FirstIt is good to know that Nanny cares so much for the welfare of the young that, not only does she ensure that they are not touched in any inappropriate way (since all adults are paedophiles), she also makes sure that when the "little rascals" misbehave they do not suffer the consequences of their actions.

Unfortunately for the rest of the population (ie the adults) this can make life a tad tedious, especially when violent scumbags are allowed to run amok without due punishment.

Liz Jones, a headteacher at Abbey Manor College in Lewisham, realised the imbalance in the law recently when she suffered a shattered cheekbone after one of Nanny's "darling little angels" punched her in the face.

Liz's crime was to tell 16 year old (an adult by most people's standards) Dexter Hungwa to close a door. He then punched her so hard that she was sent flying across the room with a shattered cheekbone, he also shouted obscenities at her.

Hungwa escaped a jail sentence, despite admitting causing grievous bodily harm.

Instead he was given a 12 month community punishment and rehabilitation order, electronically tagged and ordered to keep a curfew at his South London home between 8.30pm and 7am.

Needless to say, Ms Jones said the failure to send Hungwa to jail was "like being punched again".


"It has no regard for either public safety or the safety of anybody else in my position.

Any teacher, any head, anybody working with young people is vulnerable.

It leaves me with very little faith in the criminal justice system.

It undermines our work, the work of the police and the work of crime prevention generally.

When there is a serious offence,

it is not being treated seriously and so, as the victim,

it's like being punched again

Seemingly, Hungwa sniggered when interviewed by police about the incident.

One union claims that a teacher is attacked or verbally abused every seven minutes.

Some might argue that scumbags like Hungwa should be given a sound thrashing, until their violent streak is well and truly broken, but as we all know folks Nanny does not permit violence in her "perfect" world. Unless of course the violence is being perpetrated by "young" adults or children.


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    My dad used to make me and my sisters go cut our own switches when we were "cruisin for a bruisin"..(and usually the threat was enough to settle us down). But we all managed to get a few whoopings in our day, AND are law abiding citizens AND did not turn into ax murders because of disciple. My parents ruled the roost at home. NOT us kids and CERTAINLY not nanny!

  2. I knew the rules at home and if I broke them I could expect to get into trouble. And I am very glad that it worked.
    Our daughter was a teacher and got out of it because of the insistence by parents that their little Johnny would never do anything like that.
    The trouble stems from the Children's Act which is taken by many to mean that children must not be disciplined at all
    Even the Justice System.
    Gine it a few more yras and the country will descend into mayhem

  3. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Little thugs like Mr.
    Hungwa . . . hmm, doesn't sound particularly British, does it? Anyhoo, little pieces of shit like Dexter whatever will keep getting away with these sorts of misdeeds, sniggering as they do, until eventually they don't. By which I mean young Hungwa will in a few years time be (legally) an adult, and will no doubt commit further acts of mayhem qualifying him for incarceration among an adult population. Mr. Hungwa will find the lads in prison a bit rougher than his schoolteacher. The expression, 'you've made your bed and now you have to lie in it' may take on for him a new and vivid meaning beyond his imagining. Good luck, young Hungwa, punching out schoolteachers may not prepare you for what you'll soon be facing.

  4. Anonymous6:45 AM

    what you'll soon be facing

    The tiled wall of the shower-room, I take it he means.

  5. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Ahem, Ken, aren't we forgetting something here? According to Nanny, thugs like this are not thugs, they are the real "victims" due to their alienation ... deprivation (isn't Lewisham what Nanny would call a "deprived" area? Not "needy", as Nanny's word police was kind enough - and quick enough - to remind me the other week) ... and incompetent parents, hence Nanny's drive to take over the role of all parents by supervising and trying to make them do the job Nanny's way. So, according to Nanny, these "victims" need to be treated compassionately - community service, in other words, not jail sentences, since heaven forbid in Nanny's world that anybody who actually needs a lesson will get taught one.

    The problem as I see it, is that while this kind of thing makes the average person want to reach for a barf bag, nobody - at all - in parliament seems to be listening. David "hug a hoody" Cameron said last week that hooligans need - what was it - "love and understanding"?

    Excuse me, I think I need that barf bag, quick.