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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Roast Beef of Olde England

The Roast Beef of Olde EnglandI had the pleasure of dining in Simpson's in The Strand last night, somewhere I haven't been to for quite some time (see my 2002 review).

I am pleased to report that the beef is still reasonably succulent and unctuous, yet it is sadly lacking one thing.

I fear that Nanny has put her big fat feet into even this most venerable of British institutions.


Imagine my horror when the silver carving dome on the beef trolley was pulled back to reveal a noble joint of beef sans the mandatory layer of fat!

I enquired as to where the fat had gone, and was told that although it was cooked with the fat on, the fat was removed once cooked.


Seemingly, so the chef would have me believe, you cannot carve beef with fat on it!

Utter bollocks!

I wonder who he thought he was talking to?

The British have been carving beef with fat on for years, as indeed Simpson's used to do.

The fat (which should be dark yellow, not pale white), not just when cooking, but also when eating adds flavour and texture. It is also well known that, like oil in a car engine, the blood needs fat in it to help it circulate!

My message to Simpson's is simple:

Bring back the fat!

Nanny will pay dearly for this outrage!

Tell them what you think via this link

Those of you who would like to try my own roast beef recipe, should visit "Accountants Can Cook" and download it there.

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