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Monday, October 02, 2006

Racist Rev

Racist RevLet me ease you into your Monday's with this absurd piece of Nanny nonsense.

It seems that Nanny is getting a bit flumoxed about race relations, and has got herself into such a state over them that she seems to be having some form of mental breakdown.

Aside from the usual crimes of race hate, Nanny has decided to add one more to the books; namely revving your engine in a racist manner.

I kid you not!

Ronnie Hutton recently spent two nights in jail, after being accused of "revving his car in a racist manner".

Hutton recently attended Stirling Sheriff Court on the above charges, after being hauled in for revving his Lotus engine at a Libyan couple one night last September 2005.

Witnesses claimed that he had been trying to intimidate a Libyan couple on the pavement. Hutton claimed that he was only revving the V8 engine to avoid another £15,000 repair bill.

However, off-duty Chief Inspector Eoin Jenkins thought he was targeting Muslim Isam Maigel and his wife Hana Saad.

When Jenkins, now retired, confronted Ronnie he was told to "fuck off".

Nanny decided to abandon the racist part of the charge, but still convicted Hutton of breach of the peace and fined him £150.

Hutton said:

"To be convicted for revving my car in a busy street is hard to take.

Does this mean anyone driving a noisy car in Scotland is now a criminal

It seems that the racist element of charges were only added some months after Hutton had been in the cell, and AFTER he had complained to the Procurator Fiscal about the incident.

Funny that!

Mr Maigel claimed in court that Hutton had degraded them "maybe because we are Muslim".

Hutton claimed:

"I've had problems with the Lotus since I bought it.

I paid £15,000 for a new engine in 2003.

As soon as I started the car the oil pressure light wouldn't go out.

I accept I revved the engine

it's a V8 twin turbo and is noisy and frightening.

I would openly apologise to this couple.

I am not a racist

Be careful with your V8's folks!


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I'm so happy I've found this website again! Probably odd for an American to comment here but I just had to say that. Maybe Nanny's absurdities make ours not look so bad....then again maybe not.

    Incidently, what is the wheelchair logo next to the word verification box on the comment options for?

  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Oh, darn! I should have read the other articles before posting the above. I get enough Anti-American bull shit at home.

    sorry to leave, it was a great site anyhoo...

    good luck!

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Come back kcbiskit - we're not all anti-American!

    I'm just going to check my car - if the engine sounds "racist" I shall have no option but to report it to the appropriate authorities. I am a good citizen.
    I am a good citizen.
    I am a good citizen . . .

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    (With apologies to Doctor Who)


  5. It's all been a big mistake, caused by a confusion of race: - contest of speed with... race: - group of people of common ancestry.

    Revving the engine in a "racist" manner i.e. in a manner which you would if you were taking part in a race, nothing to do with ethnicity at all you see.

  6. Anonymous6:31 PM

    haha...that reminds me.

    A few months ago Nanny's policeman pulled my partner over for the serious crime of having a dirty car. Its True

  7. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Ken I think you missed the bit about how long the frightened couple had been in the country - about 4 weeks according to the report I read.

    Now clearly the nasty V8 driver was able to judge that they were new arrivals and therefore unlikley to be 'up to speed' with the local ways of doing things (well, we are talking Scotland here) and probably still worried about how much social security and top up benefits they would have to live on.

    And being from a nice quiet and law abiding country like Somalia I guess they would be unused to any form of threatening behaviour, intentional or otherwise.

    Of course there is always the possibility that the Somali chap had reneged and on agreement to pay someone to get him a driving licence with PSV qualifications and feared that the chap who was to take a driving test on his behalf, being a man of some worth by this time and the owner of a Lotus V8, had sought him out in the street and might be about to carry out some form of East African retribution involving private parts and spinning engine components.

    Either that or his wife was partial to a bit of 'twin turbo' after seeing an edition of Top Gear and the chap was concerned that if she left him his benefits might be cut off.


    There is so much in modern life that reminds me of the comedy sketch in an old 'Not the Nine O'clock news' sketch about the copper who wanted to arrest a chap for, as I recall, 'Walking in the Street with an Ugly Wife.' Something like that.

    Who would have thought that just a couple of decades later such a law would would probably find its way onto the Statute if proposed by a suitable personality?

    Still, interesting to observe that the off-duty senior manager has a Welsh name and has subsequently retired. A last throw of the dice perhaps to stir up some manure in Scotland before retiring to somewhere pleasant with his prejudices and his pension.

  8. Another example of how my once proud nation (Scotland) is slowly becoming an international laughing stock.

    See First Minister Joke McConnell for further details...

  9. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Mr Hutton's real crime was telling a senior plod to go forth and multiply, for which he spent 2 nights in the nick. When he quite rightly complained, our gallant boys in blue trumped up charges. This is common practice. When I complained about being assaulted by a policeman, I was told by an Inspector that another policeman, who had apparently magically appeared, was prepared to perjure himself in supporting charges of public disorder, assaulting a policeman, resisting arrest and escaping custody (I got out of the police car and walked away). despite being an obvious villain who was bang to rights, they were prepared to drop the charges if I dropped the complaint. I forgot to say, the first thing the Inspector asked me was "Were you alone". On receiving my reply in the affirmative he new he was on solid ground.
    And they wonder why decent, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens hate the bastards.

  10. Anonymous4:32 PM

    The "Officer Savage" sketch on NTNOCN had me in stitches. The "crimes" included:

    "Looking at me in a funny way"
    "Walking on the cracks in the pavement"
    "Walking in a loud shirt in a built-up area during the hours of darkness"

    Somehow "Revving a car engine in a racist manner" seems to take the shine off that sketch...