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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nanny Is Mother, Nanny Is Father

Nanny Is Mother, Nanny Is FatherThe key to any "successful" authoritarian dictatorship is to ensure that the state is involved in every aspect of people's lives.

Sometimes the state will legislate, by force, its involvement; eg banning smoking, health and safety reviews and ethnic quotas etc.

In other areas the state will try to "ingratiate" itself, by first of all undermining people's self confidence and dignity. Once the fundamental bedrock of people's independence has been undermined, Nanny can push her way in and start to lecture us about how we should be living our lives. This makes us reliant on her, and as such gives her the whip hand over us.

One of Nanny's experts in the Machiavellian art of confidence erosion is Nanny's best chum Caroline Flint, so called Minister for Fitness. Ms Flint has issued an edict saying that overweight people should be given lessons in how to eat fruit and vegetables.

Call me old fashioned...

"Ken you're old fashioned!"

...but I thought the principle of eating fruit and veg was easy; you open your mouth, put the fruit/vegetable in your mouth and start to chew.

You know how to chew, don't you?

Anyhoo, in Ms Flint's world, too many Britons are refusing to eat fresh produce because they see it as "scary food."

The reason that some people find it "scary" is that when they were children, they were not forced to eat what was put in front of them; ie they were spoiled and indulged by lazy parents.

Ms Flint wants supermarkets to provide instore demonstrations on how "healthier" food, eg apples and bananas, should be prepared and eaten.

Ms Flint, referred to a seminar where a parent apparently referred to some food as being scary:

"What she was talking about was vegetables she had never seen in her life before.

Here's a fruit you have never seen before.

What do you do with it?

Do you peel it?

Do you boil it?

Do you chop it

Ms Flint said the solution was to provide cookery lessons in major stores.

She added:

"If people are calling some of the healthier foods 'scary food'

because they are not sure how to prepare or cook them

it doesn't matter how many times I bang out a leaflet

saying eat this - it is not going to happen

Three points to the above:

1 It's not the state's role to tell people what to eat.

2 People resent being told by the state what to eat, and will rebel.

3 It is the role of parents to educate their children as to what to eat.

Let the responsibility and consequences of lazy parenting rest with the parents, not with the state. The more that state interferes, the more lazy parents will become and as a result the more reliant society becomes on the state.

Ms Flint also admitted that another problem that Nanny faces is that some people simply don't consider themselves to be obese...well that's their right isn't it?

That observation is as facile as if she were to say that some people don't consider themselves to be ugly, when in fact they are (to some others)...totally subjective.


"We have to do it in a way not to stigmatise people.

One of the things you have to think about is sometimes

overweight parents do not recognise their children as being overweight.

If they compare themselves with people who are considerably larger than themselves

they think, 'That's not me I don't have a problem'

In other words, Nanny will now be upping the volume on her "you are a fat bastard" campaign.

Once everyone feels inadequate, and has had their self confidence undermined, Nanny will "come to the rescue" and make us all dependent on her.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Well written Ken. The way you put it makes Nanny's intentions very clear. When you say about parents getting lazy and relying on the State to provide help it reminds me of SureStart. We live in an area deemed elegible for Nanny's help in bringing up our young son (if we lived around the corner we wouldn't be, because certain streets are more affable etc).

    Once we recieved a letter saying that someone was coming round to teach my wife and I how to brush our son's teeth. They invited themselves. I managed to contact them and tell them it wouldn't be necessery. They called it the Brighter Smiles campaign. But the bombardment of letters continued and it wasn't until after numerous e-mails that they finally got the picture. I got a nice e-mail apologising for the harrasment saying they where following strict government guidelines.

    The rouble is a lot of parents end up relying on Surestart because it is easy. They take the kids on days out, feed them, bath them, well everything that any able parent should do. If this service was taken away we would have a huge social problem because too many people are reliant on it.

  2. The Hitler Youth did much the same thing:)

  3. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Why doesn't Nanny, in the form of good Ms. Flint, simply masticate her preferred varieties of fruit and vegetables, then regurgitate them into the waiting mouths of her 'obsese' charges. They will then cluck with appreciation before fouling themselves.

    On another point:
    "People resent being told by the state what to eat, and will rebel."

    Ken, have you become a starry-eyed optimist? Nanny will see to it that their impulse to rebel, such as it is, never advances beyond that of demanding a fresh bottle and a clean diaper (or 'nappy' if you prefer).

    Finally, why is Ms. Flint's job title not 'Mistress of Fitness'?

  4. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Interesting that one throw away comment from an individual can lead to an entire government campaign ... I presume that Ms Flint has no decent ideas of her own and none of her colleagues do either.

    If someone has never seen a particular vegetable or fruit before that sort of suggests that the education system system is wanting, the thing is not typically grown in the UK or the person is simply not interested and claiming it is scary is a face saving way out. Probably all three in fact.

    However the reality may be that the object is something exotic flown in from the other side of the world mainly because it offers interest to a few relatively high spending shoppers and sells at a higher margin.

    So Ms. Flint may be encouraging people to assist supermakets with their profits and promoting produce that encourages air freight which, if I am not mistaken, is a very emotive subject amongst the eco-warrior clans on at least two fronts. One being issues of trade and the other being related to claimed climate change and supposed seffect of carbon dioxide output from aeroplanes.

    This Ms. Flint seems to be a long way off message with this one. Elevation to the House of Lords in the next re-shuffle?

  5. Basket Inspectors outside Supermarkets?

  6. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I find miss flint scary can we have her peeled,boiled and or cut up please in a supermarket ?

  7. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Re Anonymous' comments... is he allowed to say masticate?

  8. What to do with fruits and vegetables?

    The trend seems to be to give them pocicy jobs an the state apparatus...

  9. What to do with fruits and vegetables?

    The trend seems to be to give them policy jobs in the state apparatus...

  10. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Well, I'm not surprise people find veggies and fruit "scary".

    Greenpeace and the enviro-loony briagade has been screaming for years about franken-foods and genetically modified food.

    No wonder no one will go near fruit and veggies. They cause Global warming, global cooling, climate change, cancer, autism and plague.

    No one mentions that too much nanny causes cretinism.

  11. Anonymous2:04 AM

    No wonder people are afriad of fruits and vegetables.

    For years Greenpeace and the enviro-loony brigade has been telling us about the dangers of Franken-foods, genetically modidfied fruit and veg.

    (Never mind that fruit and veggies have been genetically modified since the days of the Pahros.)

    According to Greenpeace and the enviro-moonbat brigade, GM fruits and veggies cause: Global Warming, Global Cooling, Climate Change, Polio, Autism, de-forestation, melting Ice Caps, Smallpox and plague.

    They don't seem to mention that too much Nanny causes cretinism.

  12. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I don't know what foods are considered 'scary' but I can tell you that some of the ideas being promoted by Nanny absolutely terrify me!

  13. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Sorry about the double post.