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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hair Raising

Hair RaisingNanny is very fussy about id photos these days, what with the increased security scares that she keeps foisting on us.

Therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that she takes a dim view of anyone who "looks daft" in a passport photo.

Such was the fate the befell Eden Lurie, when she posed for a passport photo with spiky hair.

Nanny was less than impressed, the photographer told Eden that the photo would be rejected by Nanny's passport office.

Quite right!

Only problem being, that Eden was in fact only 4 months old.

Kate Lurie, Eden's mum, thought the photographic assistant was joking when he pointed to her daughter Eden's three-inch hair in the portrait and said:

"It's too spiky."

Margaret Matwiejew, photo team leader at Prestwich Pharmacy in Manchester, said:

"The Passport Office has gone over the top with its requirements."

Nanny has gone over the top in many of her requirements...sadly no one seems to be willing to stand up to her.


  1. And yet, at the same time that infant children are forbidden passport photos with spikey hair, a man standing well over six feet tall, and wanted for the murder of a police officer, can deck himself out in a burka and slide right through customs without anyone daring to ask for an identity check.

    Congratulations to Nanny's Gestapo on their well-reasoned security priorities. Irony first and foremost!

  2. Anonymous2:18 PM

    When dealing with infant passport photos Photoshop is your friend!

    No quite sure on the legitimacy of this but a quick clean up and reprint will make sure your picture passes muster.

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    The Spikey hair thing is a waste of time and in any case when Nanny forces everyone to buy a new passport ever year as a 'green' travel suppression measure the 'problem' will be very short lived.

    On the other hand any child with such a stupid name should be denied a passport (along with its parent(s)) until something more suitable has been agreed and implemented.


  4. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Over here in Oz, the passport photo authorities have recently banned smiling - a passport will be rejected if you smile.

    Apparently you need to look grumpy in your passport photo so you look like you do after an international flight. Or maybe you need to smile because no-one smiles when dealing with Australian immigration Nazis.

  5. My wife had an experience of the idiocy surrounding passport photographs recently. Applying for a new one her photograph was rejected due to, quote "a slight reflection on the spectacles you are wearing". Now I had to get a powerful magnifying glass and the services of our forensics lab to see this face marring glint in her glasses but the jobsworths at the passport office would not listen. When my wife pointed out that even if she had a new photo taken there was the chance that the same thing would happen she was told tough and when she enquired if she could remove her glasses..."Ooooo! Nooooo! It would not be a true representation of your face!". Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    My description of them comes down to one word. "Twats!"

  6. Evidently, Nanny doesn't want her little charges getting any naughty notions about running away and . . .erm, never coming back!

    Give her time, and she'll seal up that Chunnel you've dug to France.