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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, March 05, 2007

Lazy and Clueless

Lazy and CluelessPeople may wonder as to the effects of living long term in a Nanny state.

A recent survey by the British Chambers of Commerce gives a pretty clear picture of the effects and dangers of Nannyism.

The survey revealed that British companies are hiring record numbers of migrants, because the bosses have a 'shockingly low opinion' of local British workers.

The survey asked 300 small and medium-sized businesses:

"What reasons do you have for employing migrant workers?."

The answer was loud and clear, migrant workers have "a better work ethic" and are "more productive".

British workers lack the "required skills", and there is a short supply of local "candidates with required experience."

David Frost, director general of the business lobby group, said:

"It is troubling that so many businesses

do not want to employ British workers.

The UK's chronic skills shortage must be addressed

by the Government and reform of the school curriculum

is needed to ensure that young people

enter the workforce with the necessary skills

and the right attitude to get on at work

Phil Inness, managing director of Axis Electronics, said:

"Around 20% of our workforce is Polish.

In three years of employing from eastern Europe,

we haven't had one negative experience.

The only concern I have is that at some point

they might want to go home

Relying on Nanny to look after you, dulls your wits and makes you lazy. It is as simple as that.


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I wonder how many of them said "Because they'll work for less"?

  2. It has been a really long time since the majority of firms in this country took any responsibility for the training of their own personnel. Apprenticeships are something other people pay for, ongoing upgrading to keep up with ones competitors is not necessary now that we are all as dumb as each other.
    So if you have jobs that cannot be outsourced to a country which is not burdened by the Health & Safety Executive (I consider this Government Department to be responsible for the majority of jobs going abroad)
    Then you have to employ those that do not know the rules of the game, top of last years survey of the reasons employers gave for not paying the minimum wage was 'They don't speak English'
    Of course eventually we are going to run out of people or countries to add to the EU.

  3. Anonymous11:59 PM

    You Great Brits need another Margaret Thatcher.

    She shed millions of useless jobsworths (Did I spell that right?)
    and got Britain working again.

    I know Margaret is not particularly well loved in Britain, but damn, we sure do admire the Iron Lady over on this side of the pond.

    Bleary Poppins and the others are just dragging you all back into 1960's socialism, where everyone is Dependant on nanny and everyone is equally useless.