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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, March 03, 2007


PlodCongratulations to our much respect state police force, for once again proving that they are "world class" when it comes to upholding the law.

Pauline Nolan, from Droylsden, recently reported the theft of her two sons' bikes (an orange and black KTM 250 and a black and green Kawasaki 65, which are worth £7,000).

She was driving home, when she spotted two teenagers driving past her on her sons' motocross bikes.

She contacted police, who informed her they had also spotted the offenders.

Guess what happened then?

Yes, that's right...plod refused to chase thieves.


Because the riders were not wearing helmets, Nanny's police informed her that they could not pursue the offenders in case they fell off and sued them.

Mrs Nolan summed up the stupidity of our way of life rather well:

"It's outrageous, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Everything in this country is weighted towards the criminals,

what about the victims?

I think this kind of thing sends out the wrong message

because people think they can get away with anything

Inspector Martin O'Connor, from Greater Manchester Police, said:

"In situations like this, officers need to carefully

consider the safety of all road users

before deciding whether or not it would be appropriate to begin a pursuit.

This means taking into account the time of day

as well as the prevailing weather and traffic

conditions and the nature of the original offence

and make a risk assessment based on all these circumstances.

In this case, the decision was made

it would not have been safe to pursue the bikes

As we all know, Manchester is one of the safest places in Britain; thanks to Nanny's ever vigilant police force.

Mrs Nolan said:

"Bradley wants to sell his toys to buy a new one,

he just doesn't understand how somebody can take his bike

and get away with it

That's the message being sent can now get away with things!


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I realise that this is off-topic, so my apologies for that.
    However, the reason for this post is to advise all those who have not yet seen it to go to:
    this is photographic evidence of - what we all knew anyway - that His Bla─▒rness is a wanker.

  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    "grumpy said...
    "...what we all knew anyway - that His Bla─▒rness is a wanker."

    I couldn't agree more with the view expressed above! As far as this report is concerned, perhaps the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester could explain to us, bearing in mind what is contained therein, what exactly is the point of having a police farce, sorry, force? What, if anything, do they actually do?

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Think of it this way.

    From Nanny's point of view if the two scrotes are chased and kill themselves the Road Accident figures will not be improved so to encourage such an activity in order merely to enforce the law, in favour of two obviously spoiled kids with too many toys and probably an obesity problem, is not helpful when considered from a balanced viewpoint.

    From Plod's pov they are merely protecting thier jobs on two fronts.

    Firstly if scotes kill themselves they will have all sort of enquiries and suspensions and stuff costing far, far more than a couple of noisy bikes which would in any case probably be ridden by two fat and overprotected future trouble makers and speeders.

    Secondly, if scrotes kill themselves, there would be two less villains to keep plod busy catching and locking up villains. oh, er, sorry I meant catching up on paperwork of course.

    So - there you have it. Two form of job protection in one simple decision.

    It just has to be right!

  4. Anonymous6:07 PM

    At my previous address I remember one friday night there was a loud crash at about 21.30. When we looked out we noticed a chased car had got wedged in between a lamppost and a wall. This happened because the police chased the car up through the high street and he tried to overtake a bus directly opposite my house. Instead of overtaking on the designated road he thought it better to drive onto the pavement.

    The driver was an asylum seeker and could of killed someone, trouble was his crime was never reported in the local press.

  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    What a bitter and twisted tosser you are, Grant. In all probability the boys are not obese or overweight as most children in the UK are not, the "obesity epedemic" is a creation of nanny's to justify a large number of interventionist policies.

    How do you know they've got "too many toys"? These may well be the only toys they have (the elder boy is 18 by the way). We would never have bought our children anything so expensive but I'd hate to play nanny and suggest to someone else that the way they bring up their kids is wrong, you obviously do like to play nanny. It is possible the elder boy may have bought a 6000 pound bike and the younger one was bought a 1000 pound bike, we just don't know but if you want to make some prejudicial comments you can always read in things that aren't stated, eh?

    "Future troublemakers and speeders". This is of course another one of nanny's great ideas, don't wait for people to actually commit a crime, run their profile through a computer and we can pick out the ones likely to commit crimes and deal with them before they do.

    The title of this blog is ironic, i.e. it is about nanny's excesses, not for people like you to post comments indicating that they know best and given half a chance would love to play nanny and engage in a spot of social engineering.

  6. Anonymous12:52 AM

    I trust there is no nanny state in Atlantis, Lord of Atlantis. What are the immigration requirements for those of us who can't stomach life above the surface anymore.

    You ask what the police actually do. Well, they are far too busy nicking people for heinous crimes such as diving in swimming pools, asking to be taught in English and throwing sticks at conker trees to deal with minor offences such as theft.

  7. Anonymous1:23 PM


    I believe Grant was being sarcastic.


  8. Anonymous2:42 PM

    It's called 'irony'
    Better learn to recognise it if you're going to play on this site.

  9. Anonymous1:06 AM

    mea culpa. My only defense is that the scales really fall in front of my eyes when people bang on about the so-called childhood obesity epidemic. MrsBud has agreed to administer my punishment later.

  10. Anonymous12:22 PM

    It's great to see how easy you all find it to opine from your armchairs.... I think you'd find it a bit harder to hold your opinions if you actually a bobby who has to not only deal with the daily grind of scrotery, but also the kind of people who hold ignorant, ill-informed opinions about them and their jobs. The kinds of life and death decisions that coppers have to make on a daily decisions are ones that you will never have to make.

    Also, remember that nobody gets locked up in this country if it wasn't for the police and, since our prisons are full to bursting, someone must be doing something right.

    As for the actual points being made in this blog about not chasing after offenders on bikes, the reasoning is sound. The judgement is made that if lives are put at risk, a pursuit shouldn't happen. That sounds sensible, but I'm betting you wouldn't want to engage with that.

    Simple question: what's more important - personal property or people's lives?

  11. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Simple answer: the property. If someone steals property and then endangers their own life in trying to escape with it, that is their choice.

  12. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Actually, lot's of people make life and death decisions in their professional lives.

    I don't believe that nicking a bike should carry the death penalty but I'd like to think (a forlorn hope I know) that coppers had the nous to realise that criminals should be apprehended whenever possible and that pursuit doesn't have to involve a marked car with sirens blairing.

    The police seem to take the easy way out without making any effort when real villains are involved. But then they'll happily attend a school where a girl merely expressed a wish to work in a group with people who spoke English or a swimming pool where someone dared to dive in. Strange how these are police matters but when some people took goods off my wife with no intention from the outset of paying for them it was a civil matter. By behaving in this manner they choose to be the objects of ridicule and to lose the respect of the public.

    This seems to be the main problem in the nanny state, the ability to think and use discretion seems to have disappeared. Maybe we should recruit coppers from eastern Europe or stop giving them lobotomies during training.

  13. hell i thought our cops where odd (trust me my partner works fo them and i spend many an hour laughing at the sillyness)by the by have a look at the storys about our cops (well three)inc a deptuy commisioner who just finished there second rape trail search clint rickards on google and all will be reviled (oh by the way this is new zealand )