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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nanny is Mother, Nanny is Father

Nanny is Mother, Nanny is FatherNanny holds the view that if she catches a child when they are young, they are hers for life. Therefore it is very important to Nanny to ensure that the very young are indoctrinated with Nanny's philosophy on life; namely that Nanny is mother and Nanny is father.

Nanny has published a plan that states that even three year olds should be expected to be able to stand up for their rights, the plan also lays out 500 milestones for them to achieve.

Did you know, that Nanny expects babies should be able to show that they can communicate by "crying, gurgling, babbling and squealing"?

How did we function or survive, as human beings, in primitive "pre Nanny" times?

Oh hang on, I know, we had real biological parents who brought us up!

Under Nanny's new rules, nurseries and childminders will have to increase their level of supervision of young children's progress.

Why this sudden interest in young children?

Simple, Nanny is trying to make mothers return to work instead of staying at home to look after the children.

Remember, Nanny believes that the state makes a far better parent than the real biological ones.

I am an old reactionary, I believe that biological parents tend to make better parents than the state.

I guess I will be marked down for re-education by Nanny for that "thought crime"!


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    You underestimate the cunning play: these babies must be monitored more closely so that any failure to meet official expectations for development can be ascribed to defects in the home environment. Meaning investigations and reeducation ("parenting") classes for the parents; and eventually almost everyone being in the "system" as suspected of neglect/abuse.

    Then how will you complain about or criticize further government intrusions on liberty when you're on thin ice for having your kids taken away already?

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Well documented Ken. I recently went to a parents evening for my 3 year old who is at nursery. The teacher, who was very nice, had a folder especially for my son which contained tick sheets, attainment targets, lists, guides, achievements, etc. For the love of Jesus Christ who died for our sins he is only three!!! I want him to be, him. He is unique (like every child) and I dread him going through a very scary system (machine?) that will rip the will and life from him, only to be regurgatated at the other end all ready for the yes sir, no sir world of work.

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Oh, Brave New World!

    Decant what you will while ye may.

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I think Dave's comment has hit the mark with this one.

    I've been following this blog for a very long time and used to laugh a lot at some of Nanny's antics (I still do) but just recently, I've found some of Ken's reports very disturbing and this is one of them.

    Any criticism of this monitoring leaves one open to the charge of not caring for the welfare of children. And as Dave said in his comment, failure to meet one of these developmental targets means you could be charged with being a bad parent and have your children taken away. Oh yes, and have a black mark put against your name on your national ID card.

    I've read elsewhere that there is evidence that some local authorities have become very aggresive in taking children into care so that they can send them on to foster parents and hence meet fostering targets set by the government. I'm not sure how true that is but I have certainly read of one or two cases recently where children were taken into care with no real evidence of abuse and fostered almost immediately. The parents got the children back but only after some persistent arguing and the threat of legal action.

    Blair's Britain - wonderful ain't it?

  5. Anonymous10:48 PM

    If you are able, EMIGRATE!!

    If you cannot, vote UKIP next time.

    Get this scum out of power. Fight back fer f's sakes! Do you want your kids (and yourselves) to be slaves of a fascist state? That's the way it's heading and you've already lost oh so many freedoms your forefathers fought, and paid with their lives for.

    Time is running out. Please do something!

    Ho hum.

  6. Anonymous6:39 AM

    If you only knew...

    here in California DCFS gets paid $30,000 a year for each child in foster care... so they're taking kids like crazy on the flimsiest pretense. Type in "DCF" @ Youtube to see how they're doing it in Florida.
    And in the family courts you're not allowed to confront your accuser and can be convicted on hearsay... besides the fact that everyone involved has a vested interest in dragging things out as long as possible.
    In New York they're preparing to call childhood obesity "child abuse" on the part of the parents...