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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nanny Bans Hot Cross Buns Again

Nanny Bans Hot Cross Buns AgainEaster has come and gone and much like Easter being a regular event, Nanny has come up with a seasonal banning order just right for the occasion.

Nanny's twats running Poole Hospital Dorset banned staff from handing out hot cross buns over the Easter period.


Nanny feels this might upset non-Christians.

Few points here:

1 So farking what?

2 Easter is a Christian festival, as far as I was aware Britain is still a secular Christian country?

3 Non Christians can hand out whatever they want during their festivals, so why can't Christians?

4 This is insulting to non Christians, as it implies they are small minded bigots; and is guaranteed to make them feel isolated and threatened.

The catering staff at the hospital sent an email in disgust to their local paper on Good Friday.


"We the kitchen staff of Poole Hospital

were disgusted to find that the patients

were not getting hot cross buns this morning.

The manager of the catering department said

he was worried about the ethnic minorities that work here

Another point here..."ethnic minorities" can be Christians's not the preserve of the white middle classes. Indeed, on the converse, I could be a practising satanist for that matter.

The twats running the hospital gave in, eventually, and buns were distributed on Easter Monday.

Poole Hospital NHS Trust claims that the delay in buns delivery was due to an oversight:

"We do apologise to patients who missed out

on their hot cross buns on Good Friday.

This was due to an oversight by the catering manager

who forgot to order them in time.

It was nothing to do with religious beliefs.

The buns were handed out on Easter Monday instead

Well that's plausible, isn't it?

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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    It's become an Easter tradition. (The banning of the Hot Cross Buns, I mean.)