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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Nice Little Legacy

A Nice Little LegacyAs our "beloved" Prime Minister gears up to leave office, you can see how happy he looks these days, he is planning to leave us with a nice little something to remember him by.

Bliary said the other day that he had "got it wrong" when he first came to office thinking that all you had to do was to throw money (our money not his) at social problems, to sort them out. He claims to have had a revelation that some people, no matter how much you "invest" (he means spend, but can't bring himself to use that "unword"), will still behave like animals. Therefore his "solution" is to apply the stick as well as the carrot.

A nice idea, unfortunately as with all of Bliary's "ideas" they are not thought through; and usually negatively impact the decent law abiding citizen, rather than the detritus of society.

Coming soon to your town, here are a few of Bliary's new "initiatives":
  • Tesco jails, short-term "jails" are planned for supermarkets in order to ease the burden on police. Seemingly Nanny is already discussing the construction of a jail inside Selfridges. I wonder if they will allow you to take a Selfridges bag with you when you leave jail? The Metropolitan Police is interested in placing units in other stores, and is planning custody units in every London borough.

  • Nanny intends to expand police powers to take fingerprints, DNA and other samples from offenders and store them on national databases. The list of crimes that will give the police the right to take DNA etc will include; speeding, failing to wear a seat belt, allowing dogs to foul the footpath and dropping litter.

    Nice eh?

    Fortunately we have 100% confidence in the integrity/security of Nanny's databases. We do, don't we?

  • Police will be allowed to question suspects after they have been charged. Isn't this kind of back to front? After all, if the police charge you, surely they have obtained enough evidence already?

  • Nanny also wants to fingerprint people over 10 accused of nonrecordable offences, crimes for which an offender cannot be imprisoned.
A nice little legacy wouldn't you agree?


  1. How sad (for the British taxpayer, particularly) that after however many years in office, the coin has finally dropped, and Tony Blair now realizes that human nature will not be perfected through ever-increasing social spending.

    Do you suppose he'll now dismantle all of those bollocks social programs his government has inflicted on the public over the years?

    I thought not.

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    We all know Nanny wants, desires, drools over a complete DNA and fingerprint database of everyone in the UK. This is nothing more than a backdoor method of getting it.

  3. DNA & fingerprint databases?? That ain't nothing as yet, wait until all the surveillance cameras can read our lips and suss out whether we are terrorists or other criminals. Don't believe me? Then see Blairy Poppins' and Comrade Reid's precious Home Office project here: