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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Prat of The Week

Prat of The Week
This week's prestigious "Prat of The Week" Award goes to Nanny's Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt.

She helpfully contributed to the efforts to release the British service personnel, kidnapped by the Iranians, by saying:

"It was deplorable, that the woman hostage

should be shown smoking. This sends completely

the wrong message to our young people

Forgive me, but has this woman got a brain at all?

The issue, madam, is not their smoking...but their kidnapping.

Patricia Hewitt without a doubt deserves the award "Prat of The Week", doubtless the Iranians would be laughing themselves sick to hear her vies on this matter.

Hewitt has a rather crappy website, which has a contact it is Contact Hewitt

Can you spot the problem boys and girls?

Yes, that's right, it doesn't work.

Why does Patricia Hewitt not want people contacting her?

Don't worry folks, here is her email address, please drop her a line asking her why she doesn't like to be contacted.

Feel free to tell her she has won an award.

Oh, and don't forget to suggest to her that maybe our service personnel currently being held hostage probably don't give a flying fark what she thinks about them smoking.

Let's see her volunteer to go out there and take their places!

Whilst we are on the subject, could someone from Nanny's MOD please answer the following questions:

1 Why did the support vessel not keep in visual contact with the boarding party?

2 Why did the support vessel not see, on radar/visually, the approach of the Iranians?

3 Why did the naval helicopter, maintaining watch over the operation, have insufficient fuel to maintain its "oversight" position during the boarding, and return to the support vessel whilst the service personnel were still on board the the Indian vessel?

Something in this sorry fiasco stinks!

What's the real story here?


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    you may be onto something there Ken - if we threaten to send Hewitt over there, there's a chance the Iranians may give our people back to stop her coming.... and it's almost a certainty if we offer to send Prescott too.

  2. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Dear G-d, what have you Great Brits become?

  3. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I don't know, anonymous two, but rest assured that we university students aka the next generation getting into the Commons are going to sort it out.

    On a lighter note, we're planning on skipping down the market place singing 'we love you Xeeeenuuu, and if it's quite all right we love you Xeeeenuuu!!' within pointed earshot of dumbass scientologists...It's going to be FUN. :D

  4. If I was in some wog dungeon, this normal non-smoker would probaly be lighting up too!

  5. Anonymous3:54 PM

    If we send Blair, Hewett, Prescott and co to the Iranians, they will almost certainly demand a massive ransome --- not to return them to us!