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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Wirral Egg Run II

The Wirral Egg RunCongratulations to the organisers and participants in the 2007 Wirral Egg Run, for overcoming Nanny's attempts to stop this annual event (it has been running for 25 years, without the approval of Nanny). FYI this event has been featured before on this site, please click on the tag at the end of this article to read about earlier years.

This year's Egg Run (held on 1st April 2007), the first time that it was deemed to be "official" by Nanny's minions, attracted over 8,000 bikers with bikes of all ages, shapes and sizes driven by people dressed as chickens and rabbits.

However, Nanny did manage to get her fingers in the pie; she charged every biker £1 this time.


To cover the "costs" of Nanny "policing" the event (there has never been any trouble in the last 25 years), and to offset the local council's "costs".

The fact that the event was for charity seems to have passed Nanny by in her ceaseless quest to milk her "charges" dry.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Think you may be a bit wide of the mark on this one Ken; according to the official web site & forum, the £1 registration fee went to the charity.

  2. This article, pre Egg Run, says not:

    Maybe the key word is "profits" to be contributed to charity?

  3. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Bringing you up to speed with details of the event the wirral egg run charity remind all riders that the event advertised on the website is not the official event the only date for the official wirral egg run registered charity event is the 29th March 2009.

    If you do happen to come along on that day you will find matrix signs on route towards the start of the event stating that the wirral egg run is running on 29th March 2009 not the 22nd as advertised on the website.

    We urge you to come along to the official Wirral Egg Run Event that will take place on the 29th March 2009 where the Registered Charity, Police, Council have organised the event ensuring the safety of all the riders.

  4. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Official Wirral Egg Run 2009 - 29th March 2009

    The Wirral Egg Run is an annual event which raises money for local children’s charities and donates Easter eggs to hospitalised children.

    The 2009 Wirral Egg Run 2009 will taking place 2 weeks before Easter due to the request of the authorities so the allocated date is
    Sunday 29th March there will be several thousand participants are expected to take part in the event.

    Participants gather on motorcycles at New Brighton and ride a 20 mile pre-determined route to Clatterbridge hospital.

    Once there, they deliver their Easter eggs in time for distribution for Easter Sunday.

    Whilst the donation and delivery of Easter eggs forms the core iconic tradition of the Egg Run, the more significant aspect is now the
    delivery by participants of cash donations to the Wirral Egg Run registered charity.

    if you are interested in the event see our website at

  5. Anonymous1:19 AM

    The Egg Run needs you!

    We are looking to recruit stewards and marshals Wirral Egg Run 2009 on the 29th March 2009.

    If you are interested in volunteering to steward along the route please contact use via email at or

    Your support will help us to ensure that we can run the 2009 event as safely as posible.

    No experience is necessary as we will give you the training you will need to become a steward or marshal on our event

  6. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Only 3 days to go till the 2009 Wirral Egg Run, Everything is all set for our 11am Start at New Brighton on the Wirral Dont forget the clocks go forwards on the day

    We look forwards to seeing you all on the day

    More information availible on our website

    The Wirral Egg Run is an Open Roads Event.

    It is your Personal Responsibility to Ensure that your Vehicle is Fully Road Legal, that it is Taxed and, if appropriate, has a Valid MOT certificate, and that you are Insured and Licensed to Ride it.

    The Wirral Egg Run Registered Charity